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Why SEO Isn’t Enough?

These days search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques are utilised by most companies to increase the relevance of their websites within search engines such as Google, with the aim of achieving higher rankings and therefore attracting more business.

There are many companies out there who state that they do SEO, but you need to look beyond that claim.

How can I Outrank the Rest?

Most of your competitors are more than likely implementing similar SEO strategies, so you may query: how can my company get to the top of Google? In a nutshell; making your website as relevant as possible to Google’s current criteria is the winning formula, which will give you the best possible chance to outrank your competitors in the search engines. The company that invests wisely in this medium, utilising an experienced and proven SEO company will be more likely to win the race, especially considering there is increasing competition online every minute of every day. Google is frequently changing its search parameters and almost everyone wants to be on top of Google.

How to Give Google What It Wants?bucket

Another major question everyone wants answered is: what exactly does Google want and how can I achieve this through
my web strategy? Google’s algorithm and parameters for indexing websites changes frequently, so the process of tracking
changes and then updating your approach takes: time, resources, experience and skill.

Choosing the Right ‘SEO Company’

It is integral to select the right SEO Company or you may waste precious time and money in a solution that does not
work. When researching providers you should consider a lot more than price:

  1. Do they claim they can deliver strong organic
    search engine optimisation, and achieve a top
    ranking on Google for your selected keywords?
  2. Where is their website ranking on Google?
    (For generic terms such as ‘online marketing’,
    ‘internet advertising’ or ‘web solutions).
  3. Can they show you top results for at least 10 other companies they have assisted?
  4. Do you think the keywords used in the presentation were keywords you would have used if searching for the product or service of the company demonstrated?
  5. Do they have the resources to monitor and tweak their approach in accordance with search engine algorithm changes?
  6. Do they offer adequate support such as a 24 hour hotline?
  7. Can they give you reasonable assurance they will still be in business in 2-10 years’ time?
  8. Can they offer: strong online marketing, professional design, customised and user friendly functionality, strong support/hosting and ultimately the ability to grow your solution to suit your growing needs- all under the one roof?
  9. What companies do they partner with?
  10. Can you read/listen to testimonials from others?


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