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Where are you with Location Based Marketing? It’s “Where You Are” not “Who you are”.

Finally social networking has become valuable for the average brick-and-mortar business. Location-based marketing via smartphones and social networking is the latest promotional tool; allowing customers to interact, share, meet up and recommend places based on their physical location.

The real-word, timely display has become a marketing game changer; providing instant connection that results in more foot traffic and profits for business owners. Location-based social networks (lo-so) allow businesses that have a physical location to communicate with customers online but also entice them to enter their domain.

How does it work?
Lo-so apps such as Facebook Places, Foursquare, Loopt, and Gowalla enable customers to ‘check-in’ when they are at a particular destination. GPS technology is built into most Smartphones; automatically locating the user’s destination and providing options to select a location or create a new venue listing.

Location Based Marketing:
Last year Foursquare, Gowalla and other social media check-ins were the rage and the desire to let everyone know of your whereabouts is still steadily increasing. Businesses are just beginning to tap into the benefits of their physical location with this specific geographic marketing.

Business Opportunities
Apps like Foursquare and Facebook Places allow businesses to announce specials or promotions and give users notifications of nearby deals once they check-in. But there is more than discounts on offer. Not only can businesses create promotions to bring people in, they can provide incentives to keep them coming back.

Businesses can:

  • Give specials
  • Offer discounts for loyalty programs
  • Give visitors a tour
  • Give out product samples
  • Make broadcast participatory
  • Support a cause
  • Drive people with an event
  • Create games

Effective Strategies

1.Determine your business goals
decide what you wish to accomplish before you set up your presence. Do you want more traffic in your store? Do you want to offer specials to sell more of a particular item? Do you want more repeat customers? Or do you want to promote a specific product or service?

2.Register your Business
ensure the business is listed on each platform and network with current address, phone and other details. Contact the network if it is listed incorrectly or ask them for help if you can’t edit it yourself

3.Create Exciting Promotions
ensure promotions are based on your original goals and are good local offers. Common promotions include first check-in specials as well as those who check in-often, digital punch cards and raffles.

4.Interact with Customers
don’t use it as a one way corporate megaphone. The point of location based marketing is to engage on a personal level.

5.Use Analytics to track Statistics
most of the networks have an analytics tool so you can track your marketing and learn what works best for your audience.

6.Avoid Leaving Fake Reviews
not only are they easy to spot but you’ll lose credibility when they are.

7.Spend time on Ads
don’t put up ads that are quickly designed as your customers will notice.

8.Monitor Activity
check-ins are a real time activity so the customer will be at your business for a short amount of time. Look to see if customers have just checked in to make the experience as best it can be.

9.Offer more than Discounts
give customers multiple options such as allowing them to leave reviews, wish lists for friends or their birthday.

10.Move with the Times
although location-based marketing is the latest craze; you have to be prepared to adapt. New tools will always emerge so your business should be prepared for the latest promotional wave.

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