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Google Instant, what it means for SEO.

Type the word goggle into a search engine and you’ll note Google is the first result. Although you might have been looking to find information on goggles for swimming, Google has made up your mind for you. They predicted you spelt the word wrong, decided you were scanning for information on the search engine giant and even directed you there.

Now, Google has the ability to predict what users are searching for and change search results before they are entered. Their latest invention, Google Instant, has SEO experts talking. Some say Google Instant will change the entire SEO game, while others believe ranking will remain the same. Nevertheless, the way we search for information is being altered and businesses need to be aware of the potential effects.

google_instant-2Refine Search as You Type
Google Instant is the latest search enhancement from Google, designed to show you results as you type. The new feature was established to make searches quicker and easier- saving you between two and five seconds for each search query.

Google Instant works by having you type in your search queries as normal, but instantly shows multiple pages of search results as you type. The most obvious change means instead of waiting to see just one page of search results, you will see multiple pages as you type in your query. No longer do you need to press search.

This transformation of search has captured the interest of SEO professionals as there is now the ability to “adapt your search on the fly”. Changing search queries can potentially impact Google rankings and businesses need to be aware.

An SEO Game Changer?
When Google announced the new search interface, response was varied. Some said it was similar to other Yahoo and Altavista experiments, whilst others declared SEO is in peril. Google responded to this, saying ranking will fundamentally stay the same. But they also emphasised behaviour and queries may change over time, prompting SEO specialists to consider the potential impacts.

The likely impact of Google Instant will mean users will investigate more sets of results and change their initial queries, forcing businesses to adapt. SEO strategies will need to be edited and reconsidered to adhere to the instant transformation of search.

Predicting the Next Step
The convenience of Google Instant means businesses need to change their approach to SEO and engage professional Search Engine marketing experts to retain optimal rankings. Experts have suggested one search query will no longer be enough. Business will now have to rank highly for a number of phrases rather than one.

Multiple key phrases will need to be adapted as Google Instant changes the focus; from one or two key phrases to several.

SEO Alive and Kicking
The impact of Google Instant has not killed SEO, but has rather forced businesses to change the way they think about optimisation. As Google has said, ranking factors have not changed and regardless of how instant they are, search terms are still governed by the same algorithm.

Rather than worry how the new search interface will affect their company, businesses should reflect on current SEO strategies and ensure they are obtaining the highest rankings.

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