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For almost a decade, Exa has been delivering outstanding SEO results to its clients. A website that has been designed and developed by Exa is carefully optimised using the industry’s most rigorous Search Engine Optimisation process. Our clients are assured that once their website has had Exa’s SEO treatment that it will rank highly in search engines, outperform its competitors and generate high return on investment. Exa employs the most experienced SEO professionals and the most advanced technology. With the best resources, we deliver a successful SEO solution everytime. Our results speak for themselves. See below for a sample of Exa’s SEO Results. For SEO Results relating to specific businesses or industries, or to discuss the results Exa can achieve for your business, Contact Us

Site Keyword Combination Search Engine Results
Clarion Camera Kit
Reverse Camera Truck
Clarion Camera Extension
Forklift Cctv
Safety Vision Cameras
Truck Cctv Camera
Truck Reverse Camera
Truck Reversing Camera
Rubber Hose
Total Rubber Tasmania
Rubber Belts
Power Transmission Belts
Radiator Hose Suppliers
Rubber Tubing Australia
Machinery Drive Belts
Rubber Belts Suppliers
Rubber Hose Australia
Rubber Hose Manufacturers
Total Hose Australia
Brewery Hose Fittings
Cheap V Belts
Dairy Hose Fittings
Industrial Radiator Hose
Red Rubber Hose
Reinforced Rubber Hose
Rubber Belt Drive
Rubber Hoses Suppliers
Rubber Transmission Belts
Rubber V Belts
Total Hose Solutions
Total Rubber Vic
Totally Rubber
V Belt Conveyor
V Conveyor
Winery Hoses
Mining Hose Building Jobs
Ridge Rubber Sheet
Rubber Belt Machinery
Rubber Hose Fittings Australia
Rubber V Belts Melbourne
Solid Rubber Pipe Australia
Supplier Hose Radiator
Transmission Belt Market
Wine Delivery Hose
Drafting Chairs Sydney
Quality Office Furniture
Apollo Two Seat
Dallas Executive Chair
Draft Chairs Sydney
Drafting Chair Sydney
Porch Security
Cut Proof Screens
Security Doors Companies
Clear Vision Screen
Cut Proof Screen
Porch Enclosures Metal
Porch Security Metal
Secure Porch Enclosures
Security Doors Company
Security Porch Enclosure
Security Porch Enclosures
Marine Battery
Car Battery Selector
Amptech Batteries
Marine Batteries
Allrounder Battery
Car Battery Guide
Battery Selector
Car Battery Search
Amp Tech Battery
Car Battery Applications
Car Battery Chart
Car Battery Sizes
Motolite Amptech
Sea Master Batteries
All Rounder Batter
All Rounder Battery
Amptech Battery
Batteries Port Hedland
Battery Vehicle Chart
Budget Car Battery
Calcium Expanded Battery
Car Battery Chooser
Car Battery Match
Car Battery Selection
Charge Batteries
Driving Boat Recharge
Find Battery Match
Ford Battery Finder
Honda Battery Distribution
Match Car Batteries
Sea Marine Battery
Boiler Tape
Firefly Packing
Graphite Pump Packing
Mill Board Quality
Millboard Supplies Melbourne
Sealing Set
Welding Blanket Gasket
Welding Blanket Melbourne
Carrara Gaskets
Valve Packings
Carbon Packings
Shipping Consultants Melbourne
Shipping Consultants Australia
Shipping Consultants Australia
Shipping Consultants Melbourne
Shipping Consultants Melbourne
Shipping Consultants Melbourne
Shipping Consultants
Doves Jewellers
Diamond Ring Catalogue
Coronet Jewelers
Central Jewellery
Burrows The Jewellers
Baguleys Jewellers
Warrnambool Jewellers
Jewellers Warrnambool
Emerald Jewellers
Baileys Jewellers
Central Jewellers
Butts Jewellers
Burrows Jewellers
Caloundra Jewellers
Gold Snake Chains
Gold Diamond Ring
Enigma Jewellers
Backless Plunge Bra
Buy Plunge Bra
Low Plunge Bra
Plunge Bra Adelaide
Plunge Bra Australia
Plunge Bra Backless
Plunge Bra For
Plunge Bra Online
Plunge Bras
Plunge Bras Adelaide
Plunging Bras
Strapless Plunge Bra
Strapless Plunge Bustier
Strapless U Bra
U Plunge Bra
U Shape Bras
U Shaped Bra
You Plunge Bra
Electric Violin Melbourne
Guitar Stool Melbourne
Guitalele Melbourne
Sans Amp Melbourne
Schiedmayer Upright
Trombones Melbourne
Axis Healthcare
Medication Trolleys
Hospital Equipment Australia
Care Of Equipment In Hospital
Volker Beds
Hospital Bed Manufacturer
Hospital Bed Manufacturers
Hospital Bed Suppliers Australia
Hospital Bed Supplies
Hospital Beds Companies
Hospital Bedside Equipment
Hospital Equipment Companies
Mobile Hospital Equipment
Medication Trolley
Medical Storage Unit
Medical Storage Shelves
Medical Shelving
Medical Screens
Medical Divider
Maternity Equipment Medical
Maternity Equipment
Drug Trolleys Medical
Shelf Trolley
Patient Privacy Screens
Medical Trolleys
Trolley Shelves
Medical Bed
Iv Trolley
Hospital Screens
Hospital Baby Bath Trolley
Oxygen Cylinder Holder
Operating Theatre Stools
Medical Storage Trolleys
Medical Storage Trolley
Medical Bed Supplies
Files Trolley
Hospital Accessories Products
Wire Basket Trolley
Trolley Bed
Medical Trolley Australia
Medication Trolleys Suppliers Australia
Linen Skips
Medical Beds
Hospital Trolley
Hospital Equipment
Axis Health
Sea Freight
Sea Freight Australia
Sea Freight
International Freight
International Freight
Furniture Courier
Freight International
Send Surfboard Overseas
Interstate Packing Boxes
International Parcel Services
Freight Companies
Sample Of Poetry
Sample Poetry
Poetry Sample
Service To Society
Unsw Postgraduate Accommodation
Persian Night Gallery
Peter Hicks Macksville
Postgraduate Accommodation Unsw
Unsw Solar Furnace
Basement For Parking
Newsletter Publications
Science Exhibition Kit
Unsw Accessories
Camaro Hire Melbourne
American Muscle Car Hire Melbourne
Camaro Car Hire Melbourne
Wedding Cars Hummer Melbourne
Wedding Car Hire Melbourne Camaro
Stretch Hummer Wedding Cars Melbourne
Stretch Hummer Hoppers Crossing
Rent White Modern Mercedes Melbourne
Mercedes Wedding Hire Melbourne
Mercedes Stretch Limo Melbourne
Mercedes Benz Wedding Hire Melbourne
Melbourne Hummer Tours
Melbourne Hummer Chrysler Hire
Hummers Cars Melbourne Hire
Hummer Wedding Car Hire Melbourne
Hummer Taxi Melbourne
Hoppers Crossing Limos
Hummer Limo Best Companies Melbourne
Hens Night Cars Melbourne
Chrysler Stretch Wedding Melbourne
Chrysler Sedan Hire Melbourne
Chrysler Hummer
Melbourne Camaro Hire
Hummer Car Hire Melbourne
Hummer Hire Werribee
Hummer Tours Melbourne
Hummer Wedding Cars Melbourne
Hummer Ride Melbourne
Hens Night Hummer Melbourne
Chrysler Interior Limousines Parts
Chrysler Crystal Limousines
Camaro Wedding Hire Melbourne
Wedding Hummer Car Hire Melbourne
Velvet Buffalo Perth
Turf Suppliers Perth
Wanneroo Lawn Farm
Turf Types Perth
Turf Deliveries Perth
Seconds Turf Perth
Real Grass Perth
Perth Turf Suppliers
Perth Turf Sale
Perth Grass Farms
Laying New Wintergreen
Grass Wanneroo
Turf Wanneroo
Turf Sale Perth
Cheap Turf Perth
Cheap Grass Perth
Grass Sales Perth
Grass Delivery Perth
Excavation Tools And Equipment
Vinyl Lifter
Jackhammer Sizes
Concrete Cutter Rental Price
Jenny Wheels
Mesh Roller
Concrete Cutting Chainsaw Rental
Pedestrian Saw
Duct Lifting Devices
Equipment For Concreting
Equipments For Concreting
Bayswater Equipment Rental
Bayswater Trolley Jack Repairs
Cost For Excavation Machine
Cost Of Vibrating Compactor
Dingo Excavation Machines
Excavation Instruments Prices
Garden Equipment Rental Melbourne
Garden Tiller Rental Melbourne
Gas Asphalt Burner
Hiring A Generator Prices
Hiring Garden Tools Melbourne
Hoisting Equipment Videos
Pedestrian Concrete Saw
Petrol Pipe Cutters
Petrol Pressure Washer Fact
Plaster Rivet
Powder Staple Guns
Pressure Washer Excavation
Price Of Hiring Tiller
Rent Air Equipment Victoria
Scissor Lift Plank Melbourne
Smallest Excavating Tool
Tree Puller Melbourne
Tree Puller Winch
Water Jet Cut Drain
Gis Vacuum Lifter
Gis Hoist Clutch
Overhead Vacuum Lift
Portable Trolley Crane
Telescopic Chain Hoist
Vacuum Lifters Sydney
Forklift Ticket Melbourne
Forklift Licence Training Melbourne
Forklift Refresher Training Melbourne
Forklift Certification Melbourne
Forklift Refresher Course
Forklift Refresher Course Melbourne
Get Forklift Licence Melbourne
Forklift Licence Refresher Course
Forklift Licence Training In Melbourne
Forklift Certification In Melbourne
Forklift Refresher Courses
Licence Forklift Melbourne
Apply Forklift Licence Melbourne
Fork Lift Safety Cert Melbourne
Forklift Certification Classes In Melbourne
Forklift Certification Classes Melbourne
Get Forklift License In Melbourne
In House Forklift License Melbourne
Forklift Refreshment
Go Forklift Courses
Forklift Licensing Melbourne
Forklift Training Melbourne Vice
License Forklift Melbourne
Forklift Refreshers Course Melbourne Cost
Forklift Licence Requirements In Melbourne
Proof Of Competence Forklift
Melbourne Forklift Ticket Training
Forklift Melbourne Licence
Forklift License Duration In Melbourne
Melbourne Forklift License Training
Get Forklift License Melbourne
Getting A Forklift Licence Melbourne
Forklift Licence Refresher Melbourne
Forklift Certification Classes Vic
Forklift License Vic
Forklift Training Victoria
Forklift Licence Training Victoria
Forklift License Worksafe In Melbourne
Forklift Training Victoria Australia
Forklift Certification Classes Victoria
Worksafe Forklift Training Melbourne
Forklift Refresher Victoria
Forklift Licence Victoria Picture
Victoria Forklift Training
Forklift License Australia Melbourne
Forklift License Victoria Course
Forklift Licence Test Worksafe
Forklift Certification Classes In Vic
Worksafe Licence Theoretical
Australian Bra Designers
Backless Bra Melbourne
Backless Bra Sydney
Backless Stylish Bra
Backless Undergarments Women
Basic Line Bra
Basics Elegance
Blessed Lines
Blessed Lingerie
Bra Design Collection
Bra Designs Sexy
Bra Designs Wedding
Bra Latest Collection
Bra No String
Bra Sexy Design
Bra Sexy Designs
Bra Womens Sexy
Bras Latest Collection
Bras Latest Designs
Brassier Without Strings
Bridal Bra Collection
Bridal Bra Design
Bridal Bra Designs
Bridal Bra Image
Bridal Bra Photos
Bridal Bra Underwear
Bridal Bras Collections
Bridal Bras Sexy
Bridal Collection Bra
Bridal Intimate Apparel
Bridal Intimates Apparel
Bridal Range Bra
Bridal Sexy Bra
Comfortable Bra Panties
Contour Underwear
Convertible Plunge
Convertible Plunge Bra
Covertable Plunge Bra
Designer Bridal Bra
Designer Latest Bra
Designer Wedding Bra
Exclusive Bridal Lingerie
Fashion Bra Panty
Fashion Panty Bra
Fashionable Bra Online
Fashionable Bra Panty
Fashionable Ladies Bra
Fashionable Lingerie Online
Fashionable Sexy Bras
Fine Apparel Panties
Fine Bra
Fine Bra Com
Fine Form Lingerie
Fine Form Underwear
Fine Ladies Lingerie
Fine Ladies Undies
Fine Sexy Lingerie
Fine Underwear
Fine Underwear Women
Fine Water Bra
Fines Underwear
Fitted Lines Bra
Five Way Bra
Hot Bra Designs
Ifg Bra Bridal
Ifg Bra Praise
Ifg Underwear Designs
Innerwear Bra
Innerwear Design
Jessie Bra
Kickers Bridal
Ladies Bridal Bra
Ladies Bridal Underwear
Ladies Fashion Bra
Ladies Fashion Bras
Ladies Innerwear Latest
Ladies Latest Bras
Ladies Panty Offer
Ladies Stylish Bra
Ladies Stylish Bras
Ladies Stylish Innerwear
Lady Line Lingerie
Latest Bra Fashions
Latest Bra Woman
Latest Bra Women
Latest Bras Designs
Latest Bridal Bra
Latest Collection Bra
Latest Fashionable Bra
Latest Innerwear
Latest Ladies Bras
Latest Stylish Bra
Latest Stylish Bras
Latest Stylist Bras
Latest Woman Bra
Latest Women Bra
Latest Women Bras
Line And Lingerie
Line Lingerie
Lines On Blessed
Lingerie No Bra
Lingeries Lines
Lowest U Bra
Memory Strapless Bra
Modern Sexy Bras
Modern Womens Lingeries
New Fashion Bras
Online Stylish Bras
Plunge Bridal Underwear
Plunge Bustier Strapless
Plunge Underwear
Refined Lines
Refined Lines Bra
Refined Lines Bras
Refined Lines Stockists
Sexy Bra Design
Sexy Bra Designs
Sexy Bra Womens
Sexy Bras Fashion
Sexy Brassiere Designs
Sexy Modern Bras
Sexy Strapless Panty
Sexy Strapless Underwear
Six Way Bra
Specialist Wedding Underwear
Strapless Bra Melbourne
Strapless Bra Panties
Strapless Bra Panty
Strapless Bras Wholesale
Strapless Panty Bra
Strapless Panty Online
Strapless Sexual Underwear
Strapless Underwear Hot
Strep Hot Bra
Stretch Bra Kickers
String Line Bra
String Line Bras
String Line Lingerie
Style Fine Lingeries
Stylish Backless Bra
Stylish Bra Design
Stylish Bra Designs
Stylish Bra Online
Stylish Bras
Stylish Bras Design
Stylish Brassier
Stylish Brassiere
Stylish Designer Bra
Stylish Innerwear
Stylish Ladies Innerwear
Stylish Pushup Bra
Stylish Pushup Bras
Stylish Women Bra
Stylish Womens Bra
Underwear Measurement Instruction
Wedding Bra Collection
Wedding Bra Design
Wedding Collection Bra
Wedding Lingerie Specialist
Wholesale Strapless
Wholesale Strapless Bras
Without Strep Bra
Woman Latest Bra
Woman Panty Range
Women Latest Bra
Women Latest Bras
Women Stylish Bra
Women Stylish Bras
Womens Backless Underwear
Womens Stylish Bra
Car Transport Melbourne
Car Transporters Perth
Car Transport Brisbane
Move Car
Car Movers Brisbane
Prestige Vehicle Transport
Transporters Cars
Race Car Transport Australia
Interstate Vehicle Freight
Enclosed Transport Car
Covered Transport
Car Carrier
Interstate Vehicle Transport
Car Moving
Interstate Car Carriers
Car Carriers Melbourne
Enclosed Car Transport
Prestige Car Transport
Interstate Car Shipping
Car Move
Transport Vehicle
Car Transport From State To State
Transporting Cars From State To State
Car Carrying Interstate
Car Carrying Services
Covered Car Transport
Interstate Car Transportation
Vehicle Transporters
Enclosed Vehicle Transport
Interstate Car Movers
Interstate Car Transport Companies
Moving Vehicle Interstate
Shipping A Car Interstate
Vehicle Transport Companies
Car Carrier Melbourne
Enclosed Car Carriers
Sending Cars Interstate
Transport Car Carrier
Transport Car From State To State
Transport Car State To State
Vehicle Hauling Service
Vehicle Transports
Interstate Vehicle Delivery
Car Transport Perth
Car Carriers Brisbane
Interstate Car Transport Perth
Brisbane Car Transport
Brisbane Car Carriers
Car Transporters Brisbane
Enclosed Car Transport Australia
House Builder And Renovation
Renovation Specialist
Builder For Extension
Extension Double Storey
Double Storey Extensions Ideas
2 Storey House Extensions
Single Story Extensions
Heritage Home Renovation
Single Storey Extensions
Period House Restoration
Plans For Extensions Examples
Melbourne House Renovations
Price For Single Story Extension
Property Extensions
Renovated Double Storey House
Second Level House Extension
House Extension Two Storey
Second Story Construction
Single Story House Extension Ideas
Double Storey Building Construction
Designing A House Extension
Double House Extension Ideas
Building Renovations Melbourne
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Extensions House Examples
Extension And Renovation
Extend House Upwards
Home Extension Gallery
Extension Builders
Home Renovators Melbourne
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Heritage Builders Melbourne
House Renovation Melbourne
Home Renovation Builders Melbourne
Home Renovation Builders
Builders And Renovators
Construction Builder
Construction Builders Melbourne
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Renovation Melbourne
Home Renovation Melbourne
Two Storey Extension
Podiatry Socks
Pact Laser Therapy
Bunions Melbourne Podiatrist
Foot Daily Excess
Podiatry Foot Cream
Rapid Foot Pronation
Sterling Foot Cream
Urinals Melbourne
Surgical Sink
Steel Urinals
Stainless Basins
Sink Troughs
Sink Cafe
Practical Trough
Outdoor Trough Sink
Metal Wash Basins
Metal Urinal
Medical Elbow Taps
Lab Sink Sizes
Knee Operated Sinks
Janitorial Unit
Hand Trough
Flushing Sinks
Drip Sink
Disabled Urinal
Commercial Hand Basin
Waste Receptacles
Wash Trough Stainless Steel
Hand Wash Sink
Bib Taps Wall Mounted
Toilet Trough
Lab Sinks
Knee Operated Hand Basin
Stainless Steel Wash Trough
Stainless Steel Urinals
Trough Urinal
Grab Rails Perth
Flushing Rim Sink
Stainless Steel Basins
Laboratory Sink
Custom Stainless Steel Benches
Ablution Trough
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Laboratory Sinks
Industrial Sink
Drinking Trough
Cleaner Sink
Lab Sink
Stainless Steel Urinal
Stainless Steel Basin
Stainless Steel Hand Basin
Wash Trough
Stainless Steel Shower Base
Stainless Steel Trough
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Urinal Trough
Commercial Sinks
Drinking Fountain
Security Screen Doors
Sliding Security Doors
Safety Doors
Security Flyscreens
Home Security Doors
Security Sliding Doors
Screen Sliding Doors
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Stainless Steel Security Mesh
Sliding Door Screens
Window Mesh
Security Fly Screen Doors
Security Door Mesh Supplier
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Security Fly Screen
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Secure Doors
Metal Security Doors
Screen Sliding Door
Mesh Screen Doors
Mesh Sliding Door
Security Screen Sliding Door
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Metal Mesh Screen Doors
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Front Security Doors For Homes
Front Security Screen Doors
Mesh Sliding Door Screen
Mesh Window Screens
Modern Security Door
Screen Door Mesh Supplier
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Security Windows Melbourne
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Steel Mesh Doors
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Wire Mesh Screen Doors
Best Home Security Door
Security Screen Doors Adelaide
Security Flyscreen Doors
Aluminium French Doors Melbourne
French Windows Melbourne
Aluminium Door Frames Melbourne
French Door Melbourne
Aluminum French Doors Melbourne
French Doors Aluminium Melbourne
Install Home Sliding Window Melbourne
Security Doors And Grills Melbourne
Security Sliding Doors Melbourne
Aluminium Entrance Doors Melbourne
Aluminium Fly Screen Windows Melbourne
Aluminium French Door Handles Slimline
Aluminium French Windows Melbourne
Aluminium Security Door Melbourne
Aluminium Stacking Doors Types
Aluminium Swing Doors Melbourne
Aluminium Window Awning Melbourne
Are Accent Windows Rated Highly
Automated Sliding Window
Automatic Aluminium Sliding Doors
Awning Window Melbourne
Bathroom Window Manufactures Melbourne
Best Sliding Doors Melbourne
Commercial Sliding Door Melbourne
Commercial Sliding Doors Melbourne
French Windows Doors Melbourne
Glass Door Manufacturer In Melbourne
Modern French Doors Melbourne
Pivot Aluminium French Doors
Pivot And Stack Doors
Pivot Door Sets Melbourne
Pivot Modern Doors Melbourne
Pivot Stacking Doors
Pivot Windows Melbourne
Single Pivot Door Melbourne
Sliding Door Purchase Melbourne
Sliding Windows Melbourne Top Hung
Steel Frame Pivot Windows
Top Hang Doors Melbourne
Top Hung Aluminum Sliding Doors
Top Hung Concertina Doors Melbourne
Top Hung Glass Door Melbourne
Top Hung Internal Doors Melbourne
Top Hung Sliding Aluminium Windows
Top Hung Sliding Doors Melbourne
Top Sliding Door Melbourne
Windows Into French Doors Melbourne
Windows Melbourne French
Australia Aluminum French Doors
Folding Doors Melbourne Australia

SEO Company

Exa is Australia's Premier SEO Company. With a team of over 200 Online Marketing Professionals, we pride ourselves on delivering the most dynamic SEO solutions. Exa websites are well designed, highly functional and user-friendly, and most importantly rank highly in search engines to be easily found by its target market. Websites that are optimised by Exa, via our state-of-the-art SEO technology, consistently outperform their competitors' sites, fulfil their online marketing objectives and generate high return on investment.

Search Engine Optimisation

Effective Search Engine Optimisation is the key to successful online marketing. Search Engine Optimisation is the process web developers use for the purpose of improving a website's visibility in search engines. Most often referred to as SEO, Search Engine Optimisation employs various techniques, including programming and scripting, to gain higher rankings and better positioning in search results.

SEO is a critical success factor in online marketing. This is because search engines measure the importance of websites in relation to their relevance to given keywords. Essentially when a search engine user enters a particular keyword or keyword phrase into the search engine's browser, a list of results are generated in the order the search engine sees most fitting. It is the objective of the search engine to ensure that the information it delivers is the most appropriate to the enquiry. Without effective SEO it is highly unlikely that a website will be rated by the search engine. For customers to access a website simply and conveniently, and for a target market to locate goods and services, a website must be easily found in search engines for the most industry appropriate keywords.

Prior to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN to assist with finding relevant websites, internet users were required to know the exact website address to the information they were seeking. This made it virtually impossible to locate a business by its name, industry, category, service or product, for instance. It was imperative that the internet user had the exact URL. Search engines revolutionised the internet making it a more effective information resource and a powerful marketing tool. The introduction of Search Engine Optimisation meant that businesses could extract maximum value from this new marketing medium, as SEO ensured that the website would receive maximum exposure.

Today, with millions of consumers purchasing goods online, the internet has become a global marketplace. In the case of businesses that trade over the internet, their website becomes their shop-front. To be competitive a set of objectives must be met. These include good design that creates a professional image, functionality and ease of navigation, well written content and Search Engine Optimisation. SEO gives companies an advantage as it means that potential customers find them more easily. Being high in search results can improve the chances of winning potential business over a competitor. SEO can also help to position a company as an industry leader, particularly if their website is found at the top of search results for the industry's most competitive keyword searches. New markets can be accessed via Search Engine Optimisation, as consumers looking for specific goods and services find information relevant to their enquiry without specific information such as a company name or location.

While the purpose of SEO is to ensure that a website can be found in search engines for specific keywords and keyword phrases, the position it attains is also highly important. Studies have proven that search engine users most trust the highest ranking websites, particularly those in positions one, two and three on page one of the search results. The likelihood of the website being accessed decreases dramatically the further down the page it positions. If a website is underperforming in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN for the keywords most relevant to the business's core offerings, it is necessary to seek the professional advice and services of an SEO expert.

Effective Search Engine Optimisation goes beyond the basic, traditional treatment to meta-tags. Today, search engines use more sophisticated programs to measure a website's relevance. SEO is a highly technical process. Only dedicated, experienced SEO professionals, that demonstrate proven results in past performance, should be trusted with your company's Search Engine Optimisation.

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