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Top 10 reasons you should NOT use an AD AGENCY for Web

Your website is bright, bold and coincides with your branding? Check. It is fun, funky and appeals to your target market? Check. Imagery and content is unique to your business? Check. Optimised for search engine rankings using the latest web programming technology? Non-existent.

Many major companies choose their advertising agency to create a website that looks and reads like an online brochure. Although these websites have appeal and appear to have all the latest technology, they are not optimised for successful online marketing results. Ad agencies are great at print work, branding, brochures, TV ads and catalogues, but they don’t have the ability to take on the web.

Here is a list of 10 reasons why you should not use an ad agency for online

1. Nothing more than a Brochure Site

A website may have stunning imagery combined with neat and professional text, but in the end it is nothing more than an online brochure limited in functionality. Many agencies simply do not have the web development skills, experience or resources to create anything more. What good is a website that looks the part but cannot deliver?

2. Limited Database Knowledge
These days websites need to be connected to complex SQL databases and web developers, designers and online marketing experts must understand this technological domain. The database management system is integral to a website; ad agency staff rarely possessing the skills to deliver.

3. Restricted Web Browsing Functionality
There are 6 web browsers with over 5% market share, meaning your website has to operate correctly in Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Firefox, Google Chrome AND Safari. Many ad agencies do not grasp the complex modules of each and design the site to suit one specific web browser.

4. Cannot Maximise Conversion
TV, radio and print are very different mediums compared to online. Because of this, there are significant differences and ways to advertise and market online. Ad agencies don’t have the skills to maximise conversion from the web.

5. No Web Programming Knowledge
Modern web sites demand the use of many complex web programming languages such as PHP, ASP and Javascript. Many ad agencies do not have web programming experience to use the latest technology.

6. Large Costs for Search Engine Marketing
Ad agencies are typically very weak in online marketing and usually have limited resources and personnel. This means you have to pay huge sums to Google for “sponsored links” rather than “organic listings” from an online marketing specialist.

7. Resistance to Social Media
Generally, many ad agencies are resistant to social media such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace , yet nearly 1 Billion consumers alone are using these sites. Using an ad agency may remove you from this massive domain.

8. Large Fees
Ad agencies can take large fees for producing a website and marketing campaign and
can make a huge profit from your spend. Agencies will often take a cut of your profits and charge extra for customised sites.

9. Expensive Ad Campaigns
Ad agencies often include a “free” brochure site with an overpriced ad campaign. The brochure site is actually quite expensive to the company but is included in the high expense of the ad campaign.10. No In-House Support
Your website needs 24x7x365 support and monitoring should it be hacked or problems arise. Ad agencies can only outsource such a service and do not have the resources to offer full time web support.

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