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To PPC or Not to PPC?


Google Adwords, SEO, Pay per Click(PPC), Organic Listings; it can all be overwhelming for the unfamiliar. Paid links and organic listings are both available, but it can be costly to your business if you don’t know when and which one to use.

Google leads the way in the PPC market with its Adwords product; operating on a bid-based system where you pay cost per click. Although a leader in this field, Google Adwords is not the first choice for web users and should only be implemented at certain times.

What is PPC?
Pay per click (PPC) is also known as Adwords or Sponsored Links and is an Internet advertising model used on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft where advertisers pay only when their ad is clicked under a bid-based system. The price of the cost per click will vary, depending on the level of competition for specific keyword strings. The higher the demand for the keyword string; the higher the cost per click.

googleWhen should you use it?
A PPC campaign is a strategic exercise for any business and can be costly if implemented at the wrong time. Clear branding and visibility advantage is offered by gaining top positions, and if PPC is not chosen carefully, the return on investment will be minimal.

Short term campaign specific advertising
As the cost per click can be quite high and demand a great deal of your marketing budget, it is best to implement PPC for particular advertising methods short term. Define the ad, set the frequency of its appearance and set your budget. There’s no point spending a large amount of money for a long duration without seeing results.

To complement organic search results
Although PPC is a guaranteed method, research tells us that organic results are more trusted and popular when it comes to online search. The first result in organic listings receives 41 − 45% of the available traffic, and the second organic result receives 11 − 18% of the available traffic. Using both PPC and organic SEO will enable the best of both worlds. Take advantage of exceptional organic rankings and boost this with a PPC campaign.

To dominate the online market:
If you want your business to dominate the first page of Google, both PPC and organic SEO is the answer. With both, you can cover all methods of search and capture your market at every inch of the page. Wherever the user may look, your company will have its website listed.


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