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Website Template

A website template is a quick and cheap way of getting a website developed. A website template provides a ready-made web design that can be purchased and downloaded from free sites that offer hundreds of different website templates to choose from. They are easily adapted and customised by uploading personalised content and publishing to a private domain. However, before using a website template it is important to consider whether they are the best option for you and your business.
While a website template can offer small and micro businesses a simple and inexpensive solution to their website needs, a website template is, in most cases, insufficient and unsuitable for SME’s and mid to large size companies and corporations. A website template makes it easy to obtain an attractive and professional looking web design, and offer a simple solution, but they are lacking many of the principle components required for successful online marketing.
Search engine optimisation is a key factor in attaining the volume and quality of traffic essential to a successful online presence. Without the expertise of an experienced SEO Company, high search engine rankings are unlikely. The only way to achieve top positions in leading search engines, such as Google, for your most relevant keywords, is via proper SEO techniques. Professional SEO is not a service that is provided with a website template . As it is unlikely that your website will be easily found by your target market, since your website template is not optimised for search engines, the likelihood of attaining your online marketing goals is significantly reduced.
Another critical success factor is your website design. Your website should be aligned with your company’s image and properly represent your company’s brand. This can be something that is compromised by using a website template . The stock-standard, basic designs of website templates are usually created with a broad group of users in mind. A single website template should be able to be utilised by many different types of businesses. By choosing to use a website template you are assured that your website design will not be unique. So too, it is possible that your website template will also be used by your competitors or other like businesses in the future.
A customised web solution that is designed and developed by Exa is the best option. Your website will fit your needs and meet your specifications perfectly. A customised website designed and developed by Exa will incorporate all the necessary factors for a successful web marketing campaign. As such, your website will generate quality leads and provide high returns on your investment. Contact us.

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