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As the popularity of online marketing rises, businesses have been forced to adapt to the changing times. With the help of Exa and a talented webmaster, it has never been easier to come up with a successful online marketing strategy to sustain the growth of your company.
Since its establishment in 2000, Exa has built a name as an industry-leading Australian Webmaster. Boasting staff of 200 professionals including web designers and developers, and an extensive portfolio consisting of over 1000 clients, Exa has been providing companies in Australia with quality web solutions tailored to meet their specific marketing needs.
How can an Exa Webmaster help your business?
At Exa, we understand the vitality of a properly executed strategy to gain more industry-relevant traffic to your company’s online presence. Our Webmasters are well trained to create the best possible website that fulfills all your business needs and requirements. This will ensure that your investment in our services, and ultimately your company’s marketing strategy, has a high return.
Upon partnering up with Exa, you will be provided with a team of experienced Webmasters all dedicated to making the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing website for your company. Our SEO experts use our patented Web Magnet system and will map out the most relevant keywords for your business. This will result in the highest possible ranking in major search engines, such as Google, and will maximise your brand exposure; driving more targeted traffic to your website.
To find out how an Exa Webmaster can do the same for you, contact us.
What does an Exa Webmaster provide?

  • Analysis: Exa’s team will analyse the competition and the behavior of your target market in order to supply you with the most appropriate technical solution possible.
  • Strategy: An Exa webmaster will work closely with its clients to develop, co-ordinate and implement the most suitable strategy for your business, brand or organisation, as well as your target demographic.
  • Architecture: A blueprint or template for your website’s structure, layout, functionality and back-end systems will be designed by Exa’s webmasters to give you a thorough idea of how your website will turn out.
  • Creation: Your team at Exa will construct your web solution with the use of programming languages and HTML tools thus leading to the creation of a well structured and expertly designed website.
  • Implementation: Exa’s Webmasters will configure your new site to our state-of-the-art, secure server environment and link it to the domain information online.
  • Positioning: Exa will use its very own patented Web Magnet™ technology to place your website in major search engines for maximum exposure to your target market and, as a direct result, increased profitability.
  • Monitoring: Your website and target market will be monitored by Exa’s Webmasters in order to implement any changes where they may be needed.

With a strong reputation as Australia’s largest webmaster, Exa wants to help reduce the gap between brands and their consumers and provide the best online marketing results.
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