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Web Design

Web Design and Your Business


Consumers now turn to company websites as their primary source for information, product research, price comparison and purchasing simplicity, and businesses have been forced to provide websites that meet the needs of the public. Web design is a fundamental part of an online marketing strategy.


Web design is a highly respected technique for engaging the online audience; the skill required to design user-friendly, effective websites acquired with training, time and experience. An effective web design will emphasise the functionality of the site, as well as its aesthetic value. Exa’s customised web design incorporates an entertaining, informative and attractive interface while encouraging user interest and conversions.


With a team of creative and professional web design experts, Exa offers unrivalled websites, web pages and online campaigns. For the most qualified web design Australia has to offer, look no further than Exa.


Web Design Benefits


  • As internet usage amongst businesses and consumers continues to rise, so too does the need for web design. To stay ahead of the competition, companies must pay careful attention to web design and functionality as integral components of online marketing.
  • Experienced, qualified and credible web design companies will custom design your website to suit your specific business needs. Successful online marketing targets your consumer market first time via proven web design methods.
  • Because online marketing is now the preferred advertising method, businesses need to ensure their web page is designed accordingly to remain relevant and competitive. Up to date web design allows businesses to remain at the top of their market.
  • Companies who have their website designed by credible and experienced web designers will achieve greater results from their online campaigns; consumers appreciating the ease and effectiveness of their website experience.


A good web design will guarantee a visually dynamic point of contact for your customers and encourage them to return.


Exa – the Web Design Leader


Exa is Australia’s ultimate web design company, consisting of an experienced team of web development experts and professional web designers. Our extensive client portfolio includes hundreds of individual, unique customised web designs. Exa boasts a creative and innovative web design process, guaranteed to provide clients with a visually appealing, yet productive website. According to our client testimonials, Exa’s online marketing and web design has paid for itself, providing instant, achievable results.


Our Web Design Process


Web development involves a continuous process, the overall site design intentionally providing user friendly features and visual appeal. Exa is the leader for web design in Australia, providing professional and customised web design to businesses, brands and organisations. Our web design process consists of seven steps, including:


  • Consultation
  • Research and Analysis
  • Planning
  • Innovation
  • Architecture
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring


This process is a holistic approach to web design that ensures synergy with your business goals and objectives.


Customised Web Design


Exa designs web solutions that deliver results and properly represent your brand or business.


Our team work closely with each client to ensure the best results. From consultation to implementation, Exa’s web design professionals work together with the client to ensure specific needs are met and a tailored solution is delivered.


With the latest web design technology, Exa creates premium web designs. To enquire about our customised web design services, contact Exa on 1800 09 69 69 or contact us via our web form.

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