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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is an essential component of your Online Marketing strategy. Effective Search Engine Marketing ensures your target market can easily find you in web searches. Search Engine Marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on the popularity of search engines for consumers finding information online. As the term suggests, Search Engine Marketing, is based on the principle that the higher you are on the first page of leading search engines such as Google and Yahoo, the more targeted traffic your website will generate. The critical focus with Search Engine Marketing is ensuring that top search engine positions are attained for targeted keywords that are most relevant to your product, company, business and industry. Your Search Engine Marketing campaign is then optimised for these keyword strings and search terms. Finally your Search Engine Marketing campaign is implemented across varying platforms: SEO, PPC and Directory Listings.
The principle method of Search Engine Marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This is a process that employs specific techniques to make a website more visible in the organic results in search engines. Traffic is increased to the advertised website via search results which are naturally determined by the search engine to be most relevant to the users search. SEO can also greatly improve the quality of website visitors by concentrating campaigns on specific keywords and search terms most likely utilized by a defined group of users. Search Engine Marketing Consultants will research key areas before determining the best unique SEO strategy for a Search Engine Marketing campaign.
Another prominent method in Search Engine Marketing is PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising). PPC targets the sponsored links positions in search results. Sponsored links are those that appear at the very top of the page and down the right hand side of search results. PPC was developed by search engines to help people find information more quickly. It then went on to become a principle revenue generator for the companies behind the search engines, helping to finance their services. The most popular of these is Google AdWords. Getting started with PPC generally follows these simple steps:

  • Set-up your account.
  • Set-up your campaign.
  • Set-up specific Ad-Groups.
  • Conduct some simple research using the keyword tool provided, and then determine the best and most appropriate search terms to focus on.
  • Write your ads as they will appear to the search engine user. Ensure you use keywords that relate to the search terms you have chosen in the above step.
  • Conduct some simple research regarding the average cost per click for first page positions for your chosen search terms, and specify your Bid Price for CPC (Cost Per Clicks). The CPC ranges depending on demand and contest for the keyword or search term.

Online Directories and Portals are another complimentary method of Search Engine Marketing. Essentially such directories act as their own mini search engine, allowing users the opportunity to search by category, such as industry, product, geographical area, business name, etc. Most Directories and Portals target a particular audience or interest. For example, a Directory may be all about beauty, another may be all about Melbourne, or another may be all about shoes. As such, Online Directories and Portals usually concentrate on a particular market segment or category, such as an industry, city or product type. Therefore listing your business in a relevant directory with a link through to your website can attract relevant visitors to your website and in turn your business.
Due to market forces, Search Engine Marketing is growing much faster than other more traditional methods of advertising. It makes good business sense to give high priority to a Search Engine Marketing strategy that’s right for you. Contact us.

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