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Secure Email Archive


SafeGuard secure email archiving ensures legal and regulatory compliance, together with highly reliable email storage.


The Business Challenge


Email has become an integral part of business workflow. Its volume grows exponentially with thousands of emails created every day as part of business operations. Yet more than 75% of businesses fail to adequately archive critical business information, leaving vast quantities of mail either clogging computer networks, lost in routine cleanup, or destroyed due to hardware failure.


Email is more than bits and bytes however. Today email is essentially a “corporate memory” of how business is conducted. From a legal and regulatory standpoint, deleting email is potentially very dangerous for two reasons. First, email and other electronic content can contain business records; and second, law, legal precedent and best practice require an organisation to maintain its business records. Deleting these records just because they’re stored in email is fundamentally no different than clearing out your filing cabinets every 30 or 60 days simply because they contain paper.


For these reasons, every organisation, no matter what size or industry, should consider an email archiving solution. By archiving old email and attachments, you can re-establish space for current messages, saving the cost of new drives, and at the same time, reduce corporate risk.


SafeGuard Secure Email Archiving


SafeGuard business email archival solution is a convenient and simple solution meeting legislative requirements to store email correspondence, whilst giving peace of mind that you have retained secure copies of all email traffic from your workstation or servers – regardless of whether or not it has been deleted.


SafeGuard provides an encrypted back-up of every email sent or received by your business each month – sender, recipient, date, time and attachments, just as they were sent over the internet. The format allows retrieval using your existing mail client.


Key Benefits


Central Archive for all email


SafeGuard provides a simple solution that automatically provides a centralised archive of all incoming and outgoing email – reducing exchange data stores and in-house investment in storage


Achieve Corporate Compliance


Australian Corporations Law requires financial documents (including email) to be retained for five years. Government departments, under the Archive Act, must retain emails for seven years. SafeGuard provides a simple, compliant solution.


Encypted email delivers total security


All mail is stored in a fully encrypted format. Restricted username and password access ensures archived data remains secure and confidential.


Fully Customisable


SafeGuard takes a backup copy of every email that is sent or received by your organisation, and may be configured to archive (or not to archive) specific email addresses.


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