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A PMS provides the tools to organise, control and manage a wide range of products online. All your latest products will be seamlessly added to your website via your PMS . Changes and updates can easily be made to the details pertaining to your products.


Exa’s PMS is a reliable, robust and proven solution to web based product management. It is a fully customised solution that is developed specifically to suit the needs of your organisation. Your PMS will facilitate the ability to manage product names, descriptions, images, promotions, pricing, codes, specifications, availability and categories. The PMS will also allow you to manage orders, shipping and handling, customer reviews, feedback and FAQ.


Exa’s PMS is tailored to suit your business requirements. This flexible PMS can be integrated with your existing inventory system, allowing all orders and deliveries to be accounted for at stock-take. The functionality of your PMS can be extended and enhanced as required, making your solution scalable to meet the changing needs of your business as it grows and develops.


Using Exa’s PMS requires no website design and development experience or programming expertise. With its user friendly interface and easy to use features, this PMS requires no special technical skills. Due to the basic editor systems used in Exa’s PMS , both new product creation and existing product management is so simple that anyone can do it.


Multiple users administrating the process with Exa’s PMS makes your website a collaborative effort and improves your business’ overall efficiency. Key users can be assigned specific roles with corresponding levels of authority, access and permissions. Email alerts can notify upper-level administrators of changes made within the PMS by other users, allowing product updates to be appropriately reviewed and approved prior to publishing.


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