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Online Marketing

Online Marketing and Your Business


Online marketing is today’s most popular method of marketing, ahead of television, radio and print. Online marketing is the way of the future; the internet now a preferred communications medium for businesses, brands and organisations in Australia and overseas.


Online marketing, where products and services are promoted via the web, facilitates customer engagement through marketing strategies such as search engine optimisation(SEO), search engine marketing, email marketing, and web 2.0.


As the preferred partner of companies, small or large, that are serious about being number one in their categories, Exa can implement online marketing strategies to help take your business to the next level and keep you there. With over 350 online marketing experts, an extensive customer portfolio and state-of-the-art technology- Exa has the experience, credibility and marketing knowledge to ensure your business maximises its internet potential.


Online Marketing Benefits


A website can be the most effective marketing tool for many businesses; therefore online marketing strategies need to be customised to achieve quality results. Online marketing is proven and cost effective, delivering proven and measurable marketing results easily and immediately.


  • Cost
    The expansion of the World Wide Web has allowed companies to maximise their marketing potential, online marketing allowing businesses to reach a wide audience for a fraction of traditional advertising costs.
  • Consumer Convenience
    The internet as a marketing medium allows consumer convenience, businesses gaining the advantage of customer appeal. Online marketing lets consumers research and purchase services and products at their own convenience, whilst tracking behaviour to measure.
  • Proven and Measurable Results
    Online marketing strategies and statistics can be traced, measured and tested; easily and inexpensively. Advertising methods can vary and marketing experts can determine which marketing strategy is successful. Campaign results can be calculated and tracked immediately, unlike traditional advertising mediums.


Exa – Australia’s leader in Online Marketing


Exa is Australia’s leading provider of online marketing services, substantially increasing profits and gaining results for businesses for the past decade. Our online marketing and web knowledge is supported by our top rankings in Google. Exa’s webpage has a Google Page Rank of 6, consistently outperforming our industry’s largest and most aggressive competitors and maintaining top positions in Google search results for keywords such as Online Marketing, and Web Development. Our results demonstrate the results our online marketing strategies deliver  companies and brands.


Our Online Marketing Strategy


To make a website an effective marketing tool, one must implement a successful online marketing strategy. At Exa, we have an integrated staff of around 350 experienced online marketing professionals ensuring they offer the best solution for your business. Exa’s specialist team uses a six step process to deliver an efficacious online marketing strategy. These are:


  • Research & Scoping
  • Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Innovation
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring


Exa specialises in online marketing, SEO, web design and web development, having a credible history of successfully completed projects in our portfolio. In addition, Exa offers a range of digital services and design a customised solution to include:



To arrange a complimentary consultation with an Exa online marketing specialist,  phone 1800 09 69 69 or contact us via our online form.

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