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MySpace Marketing

Social Media Marketing Defined


Social networking, from its humble origins as chat and messaging, has evolved to include image, video and music file sharing, as well as the ability to join and create groups and events, and participate in a host of other interactive activities.


Social media marketing in general and MySpace Marketing in particular is today an incredibly popular online communication technique utilising social networking site MySpace to market their brand to the masses.


Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter make up the four most popular social networking sites and each promote varied levels of interactivity and communication. They all take advantage of growing audiences by marketing business, brands and organisations via social networks.


Our Experience


Exa’s MySpace Marketing strategies utilise the advantage of word of mouth, (or word of mouse) to attract the user’s attention immediately and encourage action and interaction amongst consumers.


This type of marketing is only one of many services Exa provides. Exa is an internet marketing specialist committed to analysing contemporary consumer trends and delivering the most advanced marketing and advertising solutions to businesses and brands.


With a range of services available Australia-wide, Exa can develop a customised web solution to suit you. Don’t wait for the consumer to find you. Let Exa design an integrated online marketing strategy for your business and be actively involved in promoting your product or service to the interactive consumer!


How We Can Help Your Business


As the preferred partner of over 1000 companies in Australia, Exa can implement online marketing strategies to help take your business to the next level and keep you there. With over 200 online marketing experts, an extensive customer base and state-of-the-art technology, Exa has the experience, credibility and social media marketing knowledge to ensure your business maximises its internet potential.


Social networks are just that. Exa incorporates social media and MySpace Marketing into its web solutions to attract consumers to its clients’ websites and maintain relevance in the online domain.


How Popular Are Social Networks?


From February 2008 to February 2009, Twitter experienced growth of 1,382% (Nielsen, 2009).


As of April 2009, Facebook had over 200 million active users worldwide, 100 of whom logged onto Facebook daily for a total of 3.5 billion minutes (Tech Crunch, 2009).


In May 2009, over seven million Australians were members of either MySpace or Facebook communities.


Today in 2013, social networking marketing looks to be anything but passing trends. As the numbers suggest, we’re witnessing only the beginning of a greater movement towards active engagement and interactivity.




With the increasing popularity of social networking sites comes the desire for advertisers and marketers to reap the benefits of an interactive, engaged audience. MySpace Marketing provides an opportunity for savvy online marketers to promote their business, brand, organisation or product easily and quickly.


Primary benefits are:


  • Measurability: returns are easy to track and monitor.
  • Cost-effective: overheads are low.
  • Creates conversation: promoting a real-world brand presence.
  • Flexibility: from promotions to product information, competition and sales, MySpace Marketing allows businesses immediacy of communication regardless of the message.



The increasing popularity of social networking sites among the 35-50 year old population are of great benefit to advertisers and marketers. Where traditionally it was thought that social networks were suited only to the highly social Generation Y, recent research indicates that the appeal of interactive communication is reaching a much broader audience and consumer base.


Therefore, businesses of all kinds are finding reason to participate in engaging the online community through social networks like Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and Facebook.


Businesses taking advantage of the social media platforms available for promotion include sports clubs, musicians, public figures, nightclubs and bars, TV shows and movies, not-for-profit companies and social causes. In addition, fashionable ‘buzz’ brands like technology companies, fashion labels and beverage labels (alcoholic, energy, etc.) have all enjoyed success through this kind of marketing.


Next Steps


As viral marketing has proven, it’s how you deliver the message that matters more than the message itself. With a range of services available Australia-wide, Exa can develop a customised web solution to suit you.


To find out how Exa’s MySpace Marketing can take your business to the next level, contact us today on 1800 096 969.

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