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Mobile Marketing

Choose Exa for all of your mobile marketing needs.


  • Mobile Media Solutions
  • Integrated Mobile Marketing Campaigns
  • Mobile-site Design and Development
  • Mobile Database Optimisation
  • MMS Marketing and Brand Communications


MMS Marketing


MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is the ideal platform for delivering direct marketing and communications via mobile phone. Campaigns are tailored to marketers’ specific needs and objectives and reach a mass market effectively and cost-efficiently.


Use MMS Marketing for brand development, targeted campaigns, vouchers, ticketing, catalogue distribution, promotions, competitions, market research, surveys, data collection, member management, account notifications, and more!


MMS messages are environmentally friendly and can completely replace mail-drops, while also offering genuine full data capture, building your database as you advertise.


A rich data alternative to bland and boring SMS, MMS delivers messages that are dynamic, interactive, engaging, branded and personalised.




A Mobile-site is an essential component of today’s digital marketing strategy, as more consumers realise the convenience of mobile internet. Mobile internet connects consumers with up-to-date information on demand.


Mobile-sites are specifically designed to be compatible with mobile internet browsers, scaled to fit mobile handset screens, and practical for the mobile phone user.


Mobile-sites enable consumers to access information and services neatly, easily and conveniently, and give businesses the edge via enhanced customer service and greater access to their target market.


  • Accessible on all mobile phones
  • Automatic handset detection- automatically scales to fit
  • Full tracking and reporting of user activity
  • MMS integrated, ‘call to action’ links to mobile-site
  • Fully branded
  • Scalable


Mobile Marketing works through MMS and Mobile integration:




Exa has a range of affordable Mobile Marketing packages to suit different needs and budgets. Contact Us


Can you afford to overlook mobile in your marketing strategy?


Viewed by some as the 7th Mass Media, the mobile phone is available to marketers and advertisers as a fresh and integrated channel to utilise within the overall marketing mix or simply as a standalone medium for the delivery of brand or direct marketing messages.


Mobile represents an exciting and cost effective, complementary or alternative medium for mass marketing. With more mobile phones in the world than TVs and PCs combined, mobile marketing is an effective and efficient way to connect with target markets.


Unlike other mediums, mobile offers advertisers the ability to select a target audience that matches their target market profile, generating more interest, actions, sales and profits. Mobile guarantees communications are seen and heard by relevant audiences and reduces wasteful broadcasting.


The Power of Mobile


There are 4 Billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide and more than 1 Billion new mobile handsets sold each year!


Mobile phone statistics in Australia:


  • 22.12 million mobile phones
  • 10.57 million 3G phones
  • 14.6 million mobile phones are MMS enabled
  • 13.27 million mobile phones are internet enabled


Who uses mobile phones in Australia?


  • 83% of the adult population
  • 92% of full time workers
  • 95% of 25-34 year olds
  • 78% of teenagers from 14-17 years
  • 52% of pensioners of 70+ years


Only mobile is truly with the consumer 24/7. And involvement and interaction means more interest, time and attention to your marketing message.


To complement your online marketing with an integrated mobile marketing strategy, Contact Us.

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