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Managed Mail

Fully Redundant Managed Mailboxes


Managed Mail offers a cost effective, secure email infrastructure ‘in the cloud’, giving owners total control of their email communication.


The Business Challenge


An enterprise-level email system is crucial to the successful operation of most organisations. But the volume of email traffic continues to explode, escalating costs and the level of threats associated with in-house email management. When you add up the costs of buying and maintaining a server, finding rack-space, installing an operating system, purchasing user licenses, power consumption and finally employing an administrator to cope with it all, it’s easy to see why more businesses choose to outsource their mail system management.


Manage Your Mail ‘in the Cloud’


Managed Mail offers quick and secure email infrastructure while reducing the cost of establishing and maintaining email systems in-house. Delivered as a fully redundant, managed service, Managed Mail is an affordable mailbox solution. For a low monthly-per-mailbox fee, owners stay in control of their email communication system, easily accessed through a web management interface.


Features Benefits
Triple Layer Anti-Virus Protection Email Protection ‘in the Cloud’

Fully secure, filtered email delivered via the MailGuard protected mail solution. All email traffic to and from MailGuard ManagedMail is protected by MailGuard anti-virus, anti-spam and fully customisable content filtering policies.

Reduce Initial and Ongoing Expenditure

No need to buy or lease your own Exchange servers, or invest in resources to maintain them.

Accessible from Anywhere in the World

Outlook data is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection, and ManagedMail is protected by MailGuard’s virus and spam filtering

Fully Redundant, Managed Service No Dedicated IT Resources Required.

User maintenance can be performed by a non-technical person. All system management is performed by MailGuard.

Ideal for Small Business or Franchise

Simply add or delete addresses as required. Add new sites to a single domain. With billing per mailbox per month, it’s a cost-effective solution.

Protects Against Lost Productivity

In most organisations, in the event of mail server failure, all e-mail traffic stops. Managed Mail infrastructure is fully redundant – meaning there is no single point of failure.

Web Interface Access Visibility and Control of Email Across the Enterprise

Managed Mail is accessible through a web interface via the existing MailGuard console, allowing your administrator to manage user accounts, passwords, storage availability, and more. IT owners stay in control of email communication, whether in the office or working remotely.

Remote Location Management Outlook Client Access

Access to email from remote locations is provided via Outlook or other email client. Once an address has been set up, a user collects email from this address, no matter where they are located – in the office, at home or abroad.

Single Company Domain

Mail can be distributed to various sites with one single company domain. This is especially useful for franchisee organisations, or companies with multiple offices, eg: [email protected]


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