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Mailguard Live

Email Continuity


Extended email availability ensures local system or infrastructure interruptions don’t compromise email access across your organisation.


The Business Challenge


Email has become the primary communications medium for most organisations. It’s the communication tool that users can least afford to be without.


Every business is at risk of losing email. System outages can happen when least expected, triggered by software upgrade, hardware failure, data corruption, or service provider events out of an IT Administrator’s control – power or ISP outages. Email downtime of even 30 minutes can have serious ramifications for staff productivity, corporate revenue and can damage relationships with customers, partners and suppliers.


Because corporate email is in constant use, it must remain continually available. MailGuard Live provides an invaluable insurance policy, guaranteeing business continuity and minimising the financial impact of planned and unplanned email outages. For something as critical as email, it’s best to be prepared.


Effective Email Continuity “in the Cloud”


MailGuard Live is an integral part of your business continuity or disaster recovery plan. It offers a fully managed secondary mail system where employees have “always on” mail access to their Inbox in the event of a primary mail server outage.


MailGuard Live automatically queues all sent and received messages from and to an activated domain for a predefined period, after which they are deleted. When MailGuard detects that your server is unavailable, the queue becomes static, ensuring that no mail is deleted. Your mail is then made available via a webmail client and securely queued for delivery to your server as soon as it becomes available.


MailGuard Live service goes beyond traditional email disaster recovery, not only guaranteeing email delivery via queuing, but full email productivity – including sending, receiving, reading and composing emails – in a fully functional email environment and with full access to your personal address book. Staff access to the webmail client is by an authenticated log-in. User lists and authentication details are provided in a downloadable .csv file format for easy distribution.


Features Benefits
24 x 7 Email Continuity Delivering Immediate Access to Up to 60 Days’ Worth of Email Protects Against Lost Productivity
MailGuard Live provides seamless and secure staff access to corporate email. It helps minimise disruption and maintain productivity by working along-side your primary email system and automatically storing recent inbound and outbound email for up to 60 days. As a SaaS delivered solution, MailGuard Live operates independently from your network and via any web-browser, allows access to recent inbound and outbound email in a fully functioning email client. Restoration of all sent and received email data after the outage is seamless with MailGuard Live.
Automatic Queuing of Received Messages Outages Invisible to the Public
With automatic queuing of all inbound email, mail never bounces. Primary email system outages are not evident to the outside world. With MailGuard Live giving your email traffic full continuity, It’s business as usual
Email Filtering Guard Against Data Leakage and Security Risks
MailGuard protects against data loss or bounced messages during an outage by restoring all messages to the email server. MailGuard Live continues to apply all existing MailGuard anti spam, anti-virus and filtering policies for inbound and outbound email to maintain stringent email security.
Zero Onsite Software or Hardware Footprint. Achieve the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
As a MailGuard email filtering client, the costs for deploying and operating MailGuard Live are known upfront with no initial investment required. As your business grows, MailGuard Live can easily protect any number of additional user mailboxes, providing virtually unlimited mailbox size for end-users without adding additional maintenance work for your IT staff. MailGuard Live offers predictable monthly billing to provide the highest level of continuity at the lowest cost.


MailGuard Live offers two levels of continuity service, basic and premium, to suit your business requirements:


Features Basic Premium
Application of MailGuard filtering rules    
Continuous capture of inbound email    
Retention of inbound email for ‘active’ domains 1 day 14 day
Retention of inbound email for ‘live’ domains 7 day 60 day
Continuous capture of outbound email
Retention of outbound email for ‘active’ domains 1 day 14 day
Retention of outbound email for ‘live’ domains 7 day 60 day
Continuous collection of address book entries
Retention of address book entries Unlimited Unlimited
Access to webmail during a ‘server down’ event
Access to webmail outside a ‘server down’ event

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