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Lead Generation

What is lead generation?
Lead generation is generally, a marketing word used, frequently in internet marketing, to explain the creation of consumer awareness or inquiry into products or services of a business. Once lead generation services start to produce cost effective results, it then becomes a controllable method available to sustain your company’s growth. Contrasting to marketing and advertising, lead generation puts the power of new business production in your hands.
Lead Generation Services is the initial step in getting your products or services introduced to your target consumers. It is a complicated process, which requires multiple variables to be aligned in proper sequence to produce effective results. So let Exa take the burden over their shoulders to ensure you get the most accurate results from Exa’s lead generation services.
Who is Exa?
Since its formation in 2000, Exa has been providing customised web solutions to more than 1000 clients in host of industries, such as retail wholesale, banking finance, travel, manufacturing, non-for profit and more.
Exa works in accordance with companies in bringing together a thriving online marketing campaign for their business, using digital solutions personalized to the needs and requirements of the client.
What are the different methods of generation leads used by Exa?

  • Search Engine Marketing
    Marketing for search engines is a science. Therefore, Exa utilizes state-of-the-art proprietary Search Engine Optimisation technology; Web Magnet™ ensuring clients get strong rankings for specific search terms with Google, MSN and Yahoo! Using this technology, Exa ensures maximum exposure of a website to the target market, in turn facilitating growth for the company.
  • Online Video
    Internet dominates all forms of media during the purchase process, hence we offers online video services to help organisations capitalise on a uniquely engaged, active audience. Online Video represents an opportunity for perceptive Digital Web Services companies to cash in on an emerging industry.
  • Social Networks
    Exa provides Social networking services, in order to assist clients in meeting emerging consumer demands for immediacy and frequency of communication. Social networking has proven best when utilised for increasing an already established brand-presence and providing an avenue for interaction between business and consumer.

To find out more about how our lead generation services can help your business, or to get more information about our other services, contact us.

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