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iAd Creation

iAd Creation- Advertising to Apple’s Audience

Apple’s latest development; their iAd creation, is a mobile advertising platform designed specifically for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. Over the past few years Apple’s ever-changing technology has been globally adapted, resulting in an established target market.

The new iAd creation allows third party developers to directly embed the chosen adverts into applications sold on the App Store. Announced in conjunction with their iPhone 4, Apple hoped to capture their savvy audience with the innovative advertising platform.

Millions of iPhone applications are downloaded around the world on a daily basis; many users first turning to applications to find information and answers, rather than searching the web. This has paved the way for application advertising and opened up marketers to new opportunities.

On average, iPhone and iPod Touch users spend 30 minutes in apps each day, creating a space for a quality, interactive and emotive advertising platform.

How to Connect to the Apple Audience

The customised iAd creation advertises the chosen message inside the application, promising greater interaction with targeted users. Consumers are still able to remain in the application once the advert is shown. As they can do this, Apple hopes consumers will interact, respond and ideally buy the product or service. The iAd creation provides standard targeting options such as application preferences, movie/music/television genre interests and location.

Similar to Google’s AdMob, the iAd application platform integrates ads into specific applications. Ideally, each iAd is to be interactive and emotive, capturing the attention of the intended audience to enhance sales.

The key to the iAd system is interactivity and a targeted audience. With the unique iAd creation, marketers can entertain and inform their target market with games, full screen video, interactive maps, social networking tools and many others.

The iAd logo is displayed on each advert within the application and informs users of the advertising experience that awaits behind the banner. Viewers simply tap on the iAd banner and a full screen advertisement will appear within the app. This is unlike other advertising platforms that force users into other browsers. Apple’s iAd creation allows users to pause and resume ads without removing them from their desired destination.

Innovative Advertising

As the iAd creation was built into Apple’s OS4, the platform uses the latest technologies. High impact ads can be created through HTML5, incorporating graphics, video and animation. Each ad is downloaded seamlessly, allowing users to download an app or purchase the content from within the ad.

As the iAd creation was developed for iPhone and iPod Touch users, it allows them to save the branded images in photo albums or as wall paper, save promotional coupons for retail scanning and share the branded content via social networking sites or email.

The iAd creation will work with the latest OS4 and is suitable for iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, and second and third generation iPod touch models. Exa provides detailed iAd services. To arrange a consultation with Mobile Marketing consultant, Contact Us.

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