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Google Maps Experts

Exa- The Google Maps Experts


As Google expands its search offerings, you need a company that keeps up to date with search engine marketing techniques. As a leading web solutions company, Exa has a deep understanding of how the Google Maps algorithm works. Our team of dedicated Google Maps experts recognise the factors used to determine rankings of local business listings and have the knowledge to make sure your rank in location-based searches. Our Google Maps experts can also ensure that you rank in searches across the Google Network, including standard searches and mobile searches.

How can location-based listings help your business?

Traditionally, people would refer to the yellow pages book when they required information on local businesses and their services. Today, Google Maps is the first point of call for customers seeking local business listings.


As such, working with Google Maps experts can help increase traffic -to your website as well as to your store or office.

“Google Maps experts” – what does that mean?

Exa’s Search Engine Optimisation capabilities can help you rank on search engine queries, but that’s not all we can do.

Google Maps offers a range of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which in simple terms means that you can create maps that are similar to – and compatible with – the maps on Google. These can then be used on your website and programmed with business-specific information.

Our Google Maps experts can embed and program plots for your website with options including:

  • Customised pins views
  • Integration with Google Earth for a street view of your store/stockist
  • Create driving routes – for example from your customer’s location to your store
  • Stock-based plots – plot your stockists/stores based on products sold in certain areas
  • Customise by type of store and trading hours
  • Create plots within a flash-based web page
  • Create maps for mobi sites, apps and iPads


What are the advantages?

Working with Exa’s Google Maps experts to develop a customised solution means that you can:

  • Provide location information to customers in a familiar format
  • Easily verify and compare company information online – this means you can immediately correct online information (if necessary)
  • Recently-changed addresses can be updated easily (importantly, these maps work closely with Australia Post)


As potential customers are abandoning traditional directories and turning online, can you afford not to partner with Exa’s Google Maps experts and get listed? Contact us for more information.

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