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Google Android Software

What is Google Android?

Google Android is an open source, mobile operating system developed by Google that allows the development of specific Google Android Software by any member of the public, anywhere the world. Similar to the Apple iPhone, Google’s Android has been touted as the next big thing in interactive mobile media. Android is not a phone in itself, rather an operating system designed to develop Google Android Software and be taken on by any number of mobile carriers. Via Google Android Software and Online Marketing for Mobile Media, businesses are learning to utilise the technology to their advantage. As an evolving web solutions and online marketing company, Exa now includes Google Android Software solutions as part of its complete Web Development Services.

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How can Google Android Software help your business?

With most revolutionary technologies, savvy businesses are quick to identify applications for business use. Google Android Software is no different. As a marketing platform, Google Android Software facilitates mobile versions of your website, making your business, brand and products more relevant and easily accessible. For the creation of applications, Android is proving a valid competitor to the Apple iPhone.
Google Android Software can help businesses increase their reach, advertising presence and profitability via:

Application Development

Similar to the Apple iPhone, Google Android Software utilises open source programming. Android has its own dedicated application store – called Android Market -where applications are available for download by Android users. As the popularity of iPhone applications indicate, creating applications for mobile devices is a highly profitable industry.

Mobile Marketing

Google Android allows businesses a profitable avenue for eCommerce and advertising by creating web applications or “Mobi-Sites” – literally Android compatible versions of their website for marketing on mobile technology. As consumer habits evolve to embrace mobile media, it’s important that businesses aren’t left behind. Android’s web application services afford businesses lucrative, measureable, cost effective means with which to engage with consumers.Future Business Potential

Google’s innovation has to date delivered a number of revolutionary technologies, including Google Maps, Google Chrome and the soon to be released Google Wave. With open source programming at the core of Google Android Software, it seems only matter of time before Google Android applications are suitable for business use.

Andy Rubin, Director of Mobile Platforms at Google declared, “Today we don’t support many enterprise applications, but in the future I think enterprise will be a good focus for us” (Reuters).

What Makes Google Android Software Different?

The key to the Google Android Software lies in the interplay between each application. One example is the storing of contacts. When a contact is stored in the phone, it is automatically stored in G-mail and vice-versa. Android is similarly efficient when searching for and locating contacts. By searching a contact’s address in G-mail, Android will allow the efficient relay of co-ordinates and directions from Google Maps. Nick Sears, co-founder of Android says the whole process makes for “more innovation” and “lower costs”.

Android’s functionality as phone, mobile internet and application platform ensure its relevance as technology advances and competition increases.

How Exa Can Help

Exa is Australia’s number 1 Web Solutions, Online Marketing and Mobile Marketing company. Since 2000, Exa has been developing internet and mobile marketing solutions for businesses from a variety of industries throughout Australia. Exa understands that in order to reach your audience and increase your business’ market share, it is imperative that you are up to date with current consumer trends. Utilising Google Android Software, Exa’s marketing experts can deliver a mobile solution to generate quality sales leads and meet your market while they are mobile.

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