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Enhance Your Business Communication With An Extranet


An extranet is an extension of an intranet, which is a type of internal computer network commonly used by businesses for sharing confidential or sensitive information.


Acting as a link to selected stakeholders outside a business and allowing them access to information within an intranet, extranets are an excellent example of how strategic website investment can create measurable efficiency gains for almost any company.


Increase Efficiency And Information Integrity


By automating procedures previously performed manually, extranets reduce human error, while also securely enhancing communication for the growing number of businesses with employees in different locations and time zones.


Extranets can also be a platform for companies which frequently conduct deals with partner organisations, suppliers and customers. By ensuring all parties are continually briefed with the latest information about your services, business-to-business deals can be transacted smoothly and efficiently.


What We Do


Our extranet services can provide your business with the most effective means of sharing information to remote employees and help strengthen your relationships with other businesses.


We employ over 200 talented and professional web programmers who are highly experienced in designing and configuring extranets using the latest tools and most advanced knowledge of secure network architecture.


To find out more about our extranet development services or to arrange an appointment with one of our e-Business experts to discuss how our range of web solutions can help grow your business, contact us today on 1800 096 969.

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