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Email Marketing

Email Marketing and Your Business


Email marketing is a professional method of communicating with customers, potential buyers and other stakeholders via the internet. Bulk recipients receive emails with your business newsletters, invitations, mail-outs, promotions and other significant business communications in an instant,  saving time and money.


Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of online marketing, second to search engine optimisation techniques. Businesses use email marketing for current, old and potential customers in a bid to increase sales.


Beneficial to your online marketing campaign, email marketing is utilised for two purposes. Email marketing is used to:


  • Enhance business and customer relations– email marketing will improve the relationship between customer and business, encouraging purchase and loyalty. A better relationship results in satisfied customers and repeated business transactions.
  • Re-establish consumption habits– email marketing is used to gain new customers and retain the old. Email marketing convinces customers to establish a consumption habit with the business, therefore increase sales.


There are many email marketing methods that can be applied to business marketing strategies; almost any form of communication can be distributed via email. If your business adopts a suitable email marketing strategy, it is likely to increase customer relations and profitability.


Email Marketing Benefits

In today’s web driven society, around half of internet users access their email account daily, increasing the potential for wide spread communication. Email marketing allows businesses to access the online market, with instant attention being paid to emails over traditional marketing methods like telephone calls and ‘snail mail’.


Every aspect of your email marketing campaign can be monitored and measured. Email marketing allows you to measure response and performance via open, read and click-through rates.


Email Marketing benefits include:


  • Low cost– compared to traditional marketing methods, email marketing requires minimal investment. Email marketing will require initial start up costs for the technical system but will achieve long term investment.
  • Speed– customers both new and old can receive marketing messages in an instant. The message is delivered straight away, allowing the message to be read as urgent.
  • Broad Target Reach– email marketing overcomes geographical boundaries that exist with traditional communication mediums such as ‘snail mail’ and gets there at a faster rate.
  • Efficiency instead of preparing separate marketing materials for each customer, email marketing allows multiple recipients to receive the same message at the click of a button.
  • Defined Targets email marketing allows you to define specific groups. Once defined, you can send the appropriate message instantly.
  • Accountability– information sent through email marketing can be easily collected, results and statistics easily retained.
  • Easily Measured– email read and click through rates are easily measured and analysed. In addition to this, email recipients actions can too be measured and monitored.


Exa’s Email Marketing Solution


As email usage has increased dramatically over the years, Exa understands the importance of a reliable and flexible email marketing system to target a large demographic. Exa is Australia’s leader in online marketing and web solutions, and will design email marketing campaigns that help businesses to effectively measure their return on investment.


Email marketing is a modern day requirement and Exa has established a unique email marketing system. ExaMail is Exa’s email marketing solution, designed to enhance customer relationships, encourage loyalty and repeat purchases and establish consumption habits.


Like Exa’s other online marketing products, ExaMail is tailored to suit your business and online marketing needs. This customised email marketing solution includes:


  • Email templates– these are designed and developed to represent your brand and image accordingly. Exa ensures your emails match the feel of your website and target audience.
  • HTML Format or Text- messages in your email can be presented in either text or HTML format.
  • Integration with your website products, articles, client testimonials or promotions can be pulled directly from your website and made into an e-newsletter. Links can also be added to the email to provide constant references to your website.
  • Database Development ExaMail can develop a database for your business, producing customised emails for specified target groups.
  • Subscriber managementwith ExaMail you can manage and modify the number of subscriber groups, segmenting each group for more direct campaigns.
  • Reporting, Tracking and Monitoring Featuresthese features of ExaMail allow business to track online marketing campaign status. ExaMail lets you track, monitor and report emails sent, received, in progress, that have been opened and rejected.


For more information regarding ExaMail or to discuss an online marketing strategy, phone Exa on 1800 09 69 69 or submit a contact form.

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