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Electronic Marketing

A banner term for a wide range of promotional activities carried out on the internet, electronic marketing is a vital element of the modern promotional mix. Cost-effective, customised electronic marketing provides you with unparalleled abilities to target consumers.
Electronic marketing activities include:

  • Website design and development
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Google and banner advertising
  • Email campaigns
  • Web 2.0 strategies/social media
  • iPhone/Android app development
  • iPad app development

Exa has been at the forefront of developing electronic marketing campaigns for over ten years – a position earned by constantly evolving with technological developments and keeping up to date with the latest trends in advertising and promotion.
To discuss a customised electronic marketing solution for your business today call Exa on 1800 09 69 69 or contact us online.
Why electronic marketing?
Electronic marketing supplies proven, measurable results, allowing you to accurately measure your return on investment. Importantly, electronic marketing campaign data is easily tracked with read and click-through rates, which lets you understand how consumers read and interact with your company online.
Furthermore, search engine optimised solutions allow you to connect with consumers where they’re looking for you: online. What other advertising techniques allow you to connect only with consumers who are engaged and actively looking for your business?
Is electronic marketing for me?
Electronic marketing is not limited to large businesses with big budgets. And it’s not only for certain business models.
Whether you’re looking to generate local leads or access niche markets across Australia – or even further afield – an electronic marketing strategy can be tailored to suit you.
Electronic marketing can be used to:

  • Target geographically dispersed, niche segments
  • Attract customers to e-commerce websites
  • Generate leads – an attractive, easy-to-find website generates in-person contact
  • Create communities – social networking can promote services or sales to local customers

For businesses, the benefits of electronic marketing are many:

  • Speed: messages are delivered straight to recipients’ inboxes
  • Reach and penetration: overcomes geographical parameters that exist with other communication methods
  • Ease and efficiency: messages can be distributed to multiple recipients at the click of the mouse
  • Low cost: requires minimal investment to set up an appropriate technical system
  • Targeted: email and social networking allows you to target specific recipient groups and reach a defined, engaged audience

For an electronic marketing solution for your business, call Exa today on 1800 09 69 69 or contact us online.

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