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Electronic Commerce

A successful Electronic Commerce solution hinges on a variety of factors including accessibility, simplicity and functionality. To ensure your website ranks well in leading search engines, attracts the most relevant customer enquiries and invites consumers to purchase your products, utilising an experienced web development company is highly important. At Exa, we take pride in improving the profitability of our clients’ websites and delivering outstanding results.


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What is Electronic Commerce?
Electronic Commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods via the internet. Emerging with the inception of the World Wide Web, shopping online has grown in popularity and has evolved as one of the most profitable avenues for commodity exchange. Today, online shopping is one of the most common methods of doing business, and internet advertising has grown accordingly. Because consumers now prefer the online domain to browse, compare and ultimately purchase products, an Electronic Commerce solution is a necessity for modern businesses.


An individual can go online to purchase almost anything. Essentially, the ability to purchase online has made many day-to-day functions more available and convenient. Is your business accessible online? Today, you can’t afford for it not to be.


Exa’s Electronic Commerce Solution
Exa’s Electronic Commerce Solution is an advanced shopping cart and payments system that provides websites with integrated Electronic Commerce capabilities. Complementing your traditional sales processes, Exa provides a simple, safe, reliable and secure web solution for online sales 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With Exa’s help, your website will become a gateway to increased business revenue and profit.


For your customised Electronic Commerce solution, Exa will include all the features necessary to ensure your online shopping cart is reliable, functional, user friendly and easily updatable. Exa’s solution will include an Online Shopping Cart, Secure Credit Card Facility (SSL), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Online Payment Options, Offline Payment Options, Customised Data Collection Reporting and Automated Electronic Invoice Receipts. In addition, your interactive online purchasing system could include Freight Management, Order Management, Member Accounts and Subscription Options, as well as being integrated with Inventory Management Accounting Systems, Email Marketing Systems and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).


Comprising a highly advanced, back-end administration system, Exa provides a functional online solution which allows administrators to make a wide range of changes in real time. It also features an advanced reporting system and export to Excel, and can be tightly integrated into your existing Accounting or ERP system.


Highly flexible and easily adapted to suit any business model, all Exa web solutions are customised according to your requirements and provide a measurable, profitable business asset.


Why Choose Exa?
Exa specialises in providing holistic web solutions. As Australia’s number 1 online marketing company, Exa understands that there’s more to an Electronic Commerce solution than a shopping cart. By providing search engine optimisation, web design, web development, email marketing, content management systems and a host of e-marketing solutions, Exa delivers complete web solutions. In business since 2000, Exa has helped 1000s of businesses from all industries increase profitability and market share.


Exa’s online shopping solution helps to streamline your sales process and offers your customers a convenient, responsive and user-friendly purchasing experience, which makes it easy to buy from you and easy to buy from your again. Its well designed network infrastructure is fast loading and displays your products quickly and professionally.


As more and more consumers lay proof to the simplicity, convenience and effectiveness of shopping online, savvy businesses everywhere are reaping the rewards. With an Electronic Commerce solution from Exa, it’s easy for you to do the same.


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