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E-Marketing Defined
E-Marketing complements your overall marketing strategy perfectly, and offers your advertising campaigns proven, measurable results that can take your current marketing campaign to the next level. For product promotion, event invitations, query responses and newsletters, Email provides an all-in-one solution.
E-Marketing offers businesses and other advertising organisations with an easily customised, efficient form of marketing to complement existing advertising strategies and close in on the profitable and interactive market.
Convenient, highly targeted and most importantly, cost-effective, Exa’s E-Marketing System is an easy choice!
Benefits of E-Marketing

  • Target: allows you to target specific recipient groups and reach a defined, engaged audience
  • Penetration: overcomes geographical parameters that exist with other communication methods
  • Efficient: messages can be distributed to multiple recipients at one click
  • Cost: requires minimal investment to set up an appropriate technical system
  • Speed: messages are delivered straight to the recipients’ inboxes, instantly

The Case for E-Marketing
Email has been actively integrated into the daily lives of the everyday consumer. Approximately 1.4 billion email accounts were active as of 2009 with that number predicted to rise to 1.9 billion by 2014, according to the Radicati Group Email Statistic Report.
Marketing to email affords businesses, brands and organisations the unique opportunity to take advantage of already established communication channels in a convenient, non-intrusive, uncomplicated fashion.
An E-Marketing campaign’s statistics are also easily tracked with read and click-through rates available. Click-throughs from email to website can then be monitored to further measure the actions of email recipients.
Exa’s E-Marketing Solution meets all your business needs, including database management, template development and content creation. Tailoring a solution to your individual business’ requirements, our strategy will align our technology with your goals to produce the most impressive outcome you could hope for.
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