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Document Management System

What is a document management system?
A document management system is a program or a set of programs designed to store electronic copies and/or images of paper documents for organization and easy retrieval when required.
Document management systems have components that facilitate its method of storing, organizing, retrieving and processing. When a document is stored in the system, the metadata, or information about the document, is used to help classify where it will be stored and how to track it. Metadata usually consists of date of storage and who did the storing, but additional details can be scanned and read by the system or added manually by the user to enable a quicker method of retrieval.
The pros of using an electronic document management system outweigh the process of manual storing and organizing. Manual processing takes longer and is more prone to human errors, whilst using an electronic document management system saves time and effort, thus helping to streamline operations within a business.
Considering the vast sea of documents and information that enterprises accumulate, an efficient system for storing and collating such information is vital, and more reliable and cost-effective overall.
Another benefit of utilizing an electronic document management system is the painless method of tracking different versions of the same document; again, this saves time and limits confusion within an organization.
How can Exa help?
Exa’s team of professional 200 programmers and developers are well equipped with the knowledge and skill to set up quality-assured document management systems for enterprises. On top of creating a functional system to aid a company in better storing and tracking of important documents, Exa can configure the system to be extremely secure, limiting the risk of unauthorized users gaining access to the documents.
With 11 years of experience in providing customized, top quality web solutions to a large number of clients, Exa is committed to helping businesses implement better systems of organizations to further improve operations and drive the growth of the company forward.
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