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Digital Marketing

The digital realm is one that has seen a massive amount of new and innovative ways to successfully reach consumers. In some cases, the success has massively out done traditional advertising and marketing at only a fraction of the cost. Digital marketing is an all-encompassing term for general advertising through the Internet and its many factors and avenues for success. Whether it’s email, smartphone, online video or search engine optimisation, proper digital marketing will grow an organisations client reach with great results.




The humble website remains the anchor of the Internet and is still as relevant and necessary as it was twenty years ago. All organisations and businesses should have a reliable, informative and captivating website in order to successfully provide for consumers. Many people turn to the web for results before any other means, so if you’re not on the web there’s many who won’t even know that your organisation or service exists.


Search Engine Marketing


The perfect companion to an informative and useful website is successful search engine marketing. This allows the website to rank highly in results from search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing which enable your website to be found and viewed before hundreds or even thousands of competitors. The global nature of the Internet means that organisations in other countries can still be your competitors, so it’s important to make sure you rank above them. This has proven to make the difference when consumers make the final selection of who to give their time and money to.


Online Video


YouTube and Vimeo have proven that online video is one of the most powerful ways to provide information and collect marketing data available on the Internet today. Online Video’s ability to provide information and entertainment simultaneously while maintaining the attention of the user means that any marketing strategy can get more from less. Webinars, testimonials, product demonstrations, advertisements, podcasts and more can all assist in dramatically increasing awareness of a product or service with great speed and influence.


Social Networks


The ability of social networking communities like Facebook and Instagram to convey information direct to the consumer and capture their attention has shown remarkable results at a fraction of the cost. It is also a very powerful means of collecting information from consumers, as well as test new products or ideas. Social media is used every day, with some users constantly online. The opportunity to capitalise on social media marketing opportunities is a key part of the success of any digital marketing strategy.


Email Marketing


Still one of the founding fathers of the current digital real, email marketing can provide a trusted way to inform customers of product updates, new events and discounts. Given the current practice of using email address to confirm identities, email is a great way to keep tabs on your customers.


Mobile Marketing


The humble mobile phone has grown into more of a daily necessity than perhaps anyone thought possible. The continue innovation of smartphone technology and personal digital services means that having a mobile site or app is an undisputed necessity for some organisations. If people can access it in their hand and on the go, then a mobile digital service has the ability to become part of a user’s daily life and generate great profit for its provider.


Why Choose Exa?


In business since 2000, Exa has expanded its digital marketing solutions to target the latest consumer trends and evolution of the digital realm. From online to mobile marketing, Exa does it all. Boasting a portfolio of over 1000 satisfied clients, Exa has the experience, credibility and advertising gusto to satisfy all your requirements. By investing tens of thousands of dollars in research and development each year, Exa maintains its status as a digital marketing company that stays consistently ahead of the game.
For online marketing, Exa utilises state-of-the-art proprietary Search Engine Optimisation technology, Web MagnetTm, to deliver websites guaranteed to rank strongly with major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo! For Mobile Marketing, Exa is equally adept, tailoring Mobi-sites and mobile marketing campaigns to each of our clients’ specific needs.


The list of digital services Exa provides includes:


  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO
  • Online Video
  • Web Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Web 2.0
  • iPhone Applications
  • Mobile Marketing


With customised digital marketing services available Australia-wide, including Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Perth, maybe it’s time your business went digital!


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