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Digital Agency

Digital Agency is a term that has been given to the providers of services working on digital marketing and communication, largely found through the increasingly prolific impact of the Internet in contemporary life.


If your organisation has not employed the services of a digital agency like Exa, then it is likely that your current advertising and marketing strategies are missing a whole market of potential customers. That also means less and less potential revenue and less prevalence in the marketplace.


The advent and increasing popularity of modern digital conveniences like ‘smart’ phones and tablets has also provided new avenues for organisations, businesses and individuals to communicate and interact wirelessly through the Internet from almost anywhere on the planet.


As a digital agency, Exa provides world-class services in the following areas:




An attractive and informative website is an essential item for any business or public organisation. Organisations that do not have websites miss out on the phenomenal power of search engines such as Google, and the amount of traffic that is generated through search engines every second, worldwide. Simply providing details such as an organisation’s address or locations, contact number, postal address, operating hours, email address and basic information about services rendered is an invaluable investment. The results will be instant, and more can be added to a website to increase traffic and income through the website.


Search Engine Marketing


The ability to work with and manipulate the information floodgates of search engines is a science; and a science that keeps evolving and growing as the Internet does. Utilising search engine optimisation techniques in the content, tagging and code of your website, Exa can increase your visibility and traffic on search engines. This places an organisation, product, person or business at the forefront of keyword searches relevant to a user’s search. As a digital agency, Exa ensures top rankings on Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo and other leading search engines.


Online Video Content


Online Video Content is the next step in the evolution of the Internet as a communication network. Carefully developed and well-shot video can simultaneously provide information and entertainment to a user in seconds. This medium is being harnessed by more and more businesses for product marketing and branding as it can be used on computers, tablets and smart phones as well as traditional advertising avenues such as television or cinema. Exa offers testimonials, announcements, advertisements, webinars, product demonstrations and many other forms of online video content to promote just about anything – sometimes the viewer doesn’t even realise an entertaining piece of video footage is part of a marketing campaign.


Social Networking


Social Networking is a revolutionary way of people keeping in touch or meeting each other online, sharing interests, photographs, work and just about anything in the digital realm. Families, partners, friends, colleagues, lovers and new acquaintances communicate daily using an assortment of social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter are a main.


A social networking site can be an incredibly successful tool to complement existing digital services. Social networking sites are low-cost, more ‘conversation’ than ‘call-to-action’ and promoted as meeting emerging consumer demands for immediacy and frequency of communication. Social networking has proven best utilised for increasing an already established brand-presence and providing an avenue for interaction between business and consumer.


Email Marketing


With the rise and rise of smartphone technology and the increasing prevalence of email log-in and email verification, it is now almost essential for all adults to have an active email account. Regardless of how much or little it is used, it is a catching glove for all manner of digital marketing communication which can engage a user in a variety of ways. Email marketing is an important tool in the belt of all who seek a strong presence on the web. Exa is a digital agency that is very experienced in the set-up, monitoring and success of a variety of email marketing strategies.


Mobile Marketing


Many users access the Internet on the go, via smartphones and tablets. It is important for many organisations to have not only a website, but also a mobile site to make interacting with users on the go a simple process. A standard website is usable on a smartphone, but a mobile site can make using your product a simple process for a user who may come to rely on this service. Make it easier for your clients and speak to Exa about increasing your spread over digital.


Why Choose Exa?


Right from its inception in 2000, Exa has strived to be a leader in all forms of digital presence. As a digital agency, Exa is committed to being aware of the latest consumer trends, technological advancements, and just about anything digital that can help facilities the spread of information. With a strong portfolio of over 1000 clients, Exa has the means and experience to provide digital strategies suitable to all organisations regardless of size, product, web presence and budget.
Exa utilises state-of-the-art proprietary Search Engine Optimisation technology called Web MagnetTm, which enables us to deliver websites guaranteed to rank strongly with major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!.


The list of digital services Exa provides includes:


  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO
  • Online Video
  • Web Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Web 2.0
  • iPhone Applications
  • Mobile Marketing


We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Mumbai, Bang Kok, and now expanding into the United States, so you can be sure we can provide a global digital solution to you anywhere in the world.


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