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Digital Advertising

Advertising has been one of the most powerful cultural forces of the past 100 years. Advertising relies on influencing human thought through creativity and innovation while simultaneously attempting to generate profit and increase market share. There have been some incredible advertising moments in print, radio, television but the digital realm is where advertising really steps up its efforts. Digital advertising has splintered standard advertising practices and created new threads to use some the most personal information to effectively inform and market.




A website is the first step in digital advertising. It is the home base of online information and public representation of an organisation, product or brand. This is where people come to be completely convinced that a particular service will suit their needs. They want information, they want entertainment and they want confidence. Every businesses, regardless or advertising budget or marketing prowess needs a solid website to build their digital strategies upon.


Search Engine Marketing


This is the helping hand for the humble website, in itself it is the first step digital of beginning to spread the word on an organisation or service. This technique is an exact science that enables a website to be found among hundreds or thousands of competitors across the globe and can make users click on your website instead of continuing to view the competition. This is a hidden yet powerful aspect of digital advertising success.


Online Video


Online video is now a primary form of digital advertising on the Internet. Videos are easily housed on video websites like YouTube and Vimeo and can spread across the world in days generating hundreds of millions of views. By containing information in an entertaining and meticulous aesthetic, video contact has the ability to advertise and market to individual users without any suspicion. This is the true future of the internet.


Social Networks


The social network of a user is a very personal experience and a great deal of sensitive information, not normally providing through traditional marketing means is passed on. People share with families and friends in a casual and relaxed manner. Infiltrating this trust is a powerful means to discovering more about your consumers as well as informing them of product developments, specials and providing valuable organisation/user interaction which is not to be underestimated.


Email Marketing


Newsletters, mail-outs, invitations, promotions and business communications all fall under the umbrella term ’email marketing’ and provide cost-effective, measureable and highly efficient means of digital advertising. Everyone has an email address, which means everyone can be advertised to.
Mobile Marketing


The current consumer base is tech savvy, and they’re holding the whole world in their hands through the success and innovation of smartphones and tablets. It is important to understand the importance of placing your product in the users hands too. Make a user’s life easier with a mobile site and location-specific features that will keep them coming back for more.


Why Choose Exa?


Exa has been a leader in digital advertising and strategy for over ten years. Our staff are all leading innovators who understand the digital realm and the potential it can yield for any form of advertising. Exa is a complete provider of digital services and has an impressive portfolio of clients who have enjoyed great results using Exa.


The list of digital services Exa provides includes:


  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO
  • Online Video
  • Web Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Web 2.0
  • iPhone Applications
  • Mobile Marketing


With customised digital marketing services available Australia-wide, including Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Perth, maybe it’s time your business went digital!


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