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Development Ipad App

A technology that has the ability to attract a broad range of users in the way the iPad can is rare. From entertainment to business, education to gaming, the iPad’s functionality, portability and easy-to-use interface have given it almost limitless demographic targeting abilities. However, key to its broad attraction is the ability for each user to customise their iPad by downloading apps.
For market development, iPad apps are key
For companies seeking market development iPad apps present a significant opportunity. Over seven billion apps – for both iPhones and iPads – were downloaded in 2010. Tablet user can select the tools and games that suit them, which means that an engaging app allows companies draw in potential customers who then carry around a piece of marketing and are exposed to it on a daily basis.
Used in business and education, for entertainment or lifestyle purposes, tablets allow companies to connect with consumers in every area of their lives. As such, when companies seek to foster relationship development iPad apps should certainly be considered as a tactic, as they can help facilitate stronger relationships with customers.
Their popularity can be evidenced in the expansion of the iTunes App Store, which offers apps for iPhones, iPads and Mac computers, and now features a subscription service for publishers. More than ten billion apps for iPhones, iPads and Macs have been downloaded since iTunes’ inception.
After development iPad apps are submitted to be made available for purchase from iTunes. With millions of registered users, an iTunes gives you the ability to access a large, diverse market. Recent surveys have indicated that 26 per cent of Australians intend to purchase a tablet in 2011. If your business is seeking new or existing market development iPad apps must be considered as part of your marketing strategy.
Experience counts
Exa has a sound understanding of digital marketing development, iPad apps being the latest capability that the company has added to its portfolio. Exa understands that all marketing tools need to be relevant and targeted, not just novel.
Exa has been at the forefront of digital marketing for over a decade, and has consistently evolved to develop capabilities in new technologies as they arise. As experts in digital marketing development iPad app creation builds upon Exa’s expertise in a range of technologies. Exa has created mobi sites, iPhone and Android tools, customer management systems, customised ecommerce systems and more.
This experience in digital marketing means that Exa understands every stage in the development iPad apps, as well as having the ability to integrate every aspect of digital marketing. Contact Exa today for a consultation on digital marketing strategies for your business.

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