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Credit Card Processing

With an impressive portfolio of 1000 clients, a significant number comprising of retail and wholesale businesses, Exa is no stranger to the requirements of such organisations. Implementing an e-Commerce system for your company’s website can prove to be both a convenient and profitable investment. Successful online marketing can widen your exposure to your target market, while a clean and user-friendly platform for them to buy your products via your website will entice them into making an actual purchase. A vital component of a successful e-Commerce system is credit card processing, which enables consumers to purchase products online by submitting their credit card information through a secure gateway.
Nowadays, more and more consumers are relying on the Internet for their retail and wholesale needs. Online shopping gives customers the chance to thoroughly research a product before they make the decision to buy it or not. A fully functional e-Commerce solution for your business will help in tracking your sales process and make the exchange of products and services easier to undergo and manage. Credit card processing is an effective means for your customers to streamline the process of purchasing.
How can Exa help you with credit card processing?
Exa’s e-Commerce solution can be tailored to your specific needs to facilitate a user-friendly shopping experience for your target market. Our team of talented web programmers can implement credit card processing for your business; our online payment gateways are guaranteed secure, with submitted information available only to those with authorization to it. With a number of accredited and industry-standard partners such as Secure Pay, Direct One, PayPal and RBS Payment Gateway, Exa is devoted to ensuring that credit card processing for your business is and always will be safe, for both you and your customers.
To find out more about Exa’s credit card processing services or other features of our e-Commerce solution, contact us.

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