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Corporate Intranet Services

Why Corporate Intranet Services?
Placing company information and resources on a corporate intranet provides everyone with easy access to shared knowledge and information. Corporate intranets increase productivity within the company as information and knowledge are made more available.


Corporate intranet services are often utilised anytime whenever the internet is available. To access an intranet from outside company premises, simply use a URL and login details, such as a username and password.


As staff utilise this technology, it encourages information exchange, and as such employees become more informed, empowering them with the ability to make better, faster decisions.


What is a Corporate Intranet
The term intranet is based on ‘intra’ meaning internal and ‘net’ meaning network. Therefore, corporate intranets are internal networks. They act as an internal communications medium within an organisation. Today, companies create a smaller, internal version of the internet that are designed to conveniently enhance the sharing of different types of company dialogue and information.


Different Types
Intranets are generally customised to meet the individual needs of a business. There are many different types and purposes required, so they vary greatly.


Here are of some broad categories:

  • Human Resources: Corporate intranets developed to aid the processes of the HR department. Human resources systems of this type generally incorporate training documentation, as well as contact databases, employee surveys, candidate applications and screening, and so on.
  • Marketing: This technology allow sales and marketing personnel to access accurate product descriptions, sales scripts, market analysis and research. Typically, sales and marketing systems will incorporate pricing charts, product info and demos, contact databases, sales records, sales training and more.
  • Information Systems: Examples incorporate training manuals, software and applications, technical support, resource scheduling, and more.
  • Customer Service: As well as being an internal system, akin to other intranet services, corporate intranets for customer service can also allow external customers limited access for various self-help requirements, such as tracking packages and checking delivery times, etc. Customer service intranets can contain customer information, order entry and tracking, stocking information, customer FAQs, technical support documents and more.
  • Accounting: Designed to assist with the processes of the accounting and finance departments, these systems can be integrated with or link directly to other accounting software and systems, allowing for the automatic collation of information such as receipts, payments and other financial transactions.
  • Management: Developed to help the management team perform a multitude of roles, such as liaison, figurehead, negotiator, delegator, etc. This technology for executives aid communication with both internal employees and external contacts. An executive structure can incorporate departmental information, business contracts, meeting minutes, business metrics, external contact and information.

Through our intranet development services we have assisted to streamline the processes and applications of many organisations and corporations. Corporate intranets designed and developed by Exa can dramatically improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your business.


Time lost in organising and storing files is reduced, while collective knowledge within the company is improved. These systems also simplify the task of updating data and documents.


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