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Content Management Systems

A Content Management Systems are used to create, organise and control the content of a website. Web content and features are kept fresh and up-to-date by using Content Management Systems. Essentially Content Management Systems allow the web master or administrator to produce, edit and publish website content. This content would include: Main Text, News, Articles, Brochures, Catalogues, Price Lists, Manuals, Forums, Images, Banners, Navigation, Calendar, Guestbook, Events, FAQ’s and New Page Creation.
Exa’s Content Management Systems allow you to manage web content with ease and simplicity. No technical experience, such as web design, web development or programming knowledge, is required to use these Content Management Systems. Due to the user friendly interface and basic editor systems in Exa’s Content Management Systems, data entry is simple enough that anyone can do it.
Managing content changes internally via the use of Content Management Systems, will reduce implementation costs and allow you to retain control of your most valuable marketing asset. Also, multiple users can manage the web publishing process with Content Management Systems, making updating web content a collaborative effort. Default styles, including colours, fonts and format are set, making it even easier for multiple users to retain consistency of the website’s look and feel.
Important security features and parameters can be set within Exa’s Content Management Systems. Implementing multi-tiered administration can help to protect the integrity of your website. The Content Management Systems allow you to assign key users specific roles with corresponding levels of authority, access and permissions. Email alerts notify upper-level administrators of changes made by other users, providing the opportunity to review and approve content changes appropriately prior to publishing. This feature means further insures website security.
Customised Content Management Systems that are properly tailored to suit your requirements can be your most powerful Online Marketing tool. Contact us.

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