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Online Video Steps Up In 2009

The time is now ripe for marketers to begin incorporating online video into their communications plans.

Online video is the latest and greatest phenomenon in mass communication. On a typical day, a high number of internet users are watching or downloading video.

For three continuous years, statistics have been telling us that internet is bigger than TV, eyeballs online for 16.1 hours per week compared to 12.9 hours per week watching TV in 2008.

Consumers like the participatory nature of online video. They appreciate that they have a high degree of choice and the speed that they can move through a variety of programs. Online video has also answered the modern day dilemma of shorter attention spans.

The viral and social nature of online video means that marketing messages can spread at rapid speed. Most online video channels such as YouTube offer the facility for viewers to share links to videos, rate content, post feedback or upload video on their own sites, blogs and social network pages. Consumer involvement makes online video the best direct marketing tool ever invented. With consumers spreading the message for us, marketing has the potential to be cheaper and more effective than ever.

The user has complete control over their experience – if they want to find it, they will find it; if they want to watch it, they will watch it; if they want to read it, they will read it; and if they want to share it, they will share it.

The aim is to be easily found, relevant and engaging, and compelling enough to forward on – information travels fast and free over the web.
Developing a successful video marketing campaign means delivering an experience through scenario, sight and sound. It requires:

  • A message that’s communicated in a deep and memorable way;
  • A well constructed story that is told through meaningful narratives and scenarios;
  • An animated character, moving picture or digital effects to make your video entertaining;
  • Professionals script-writers, voice-over artists, actors or presenters; and
  • Music and sound effects to set the mood and stimulate emotion.

One of the best examples of successfully using online video to advertise a product would be BlendTec. This small American blender company combined online (YouTube) video, viral marketing, search marketing and their corporate website for their ‘Will it blend?’ campaigns. These fun and unique videos feature a character (a nutty professor played by the companies MD) who demonstrates how the BlendTec blender can blend anything, including popular consumer goods and electronics such as iPods and iPhones. Within the first few months of launching the campaign, BlendTec experienced more than 700% growth in sales. The company’s YouTube channel now has over 100,000 subscribers and combined views of over 50 million world-wide.

Online video isn’t just reserved for You Tube and Google Videos. Video integration with your company’s website can be very useful also. In fact, it offers an interesting alternative to static information. Some of its uses include:

  • Video ‘how to’ tutorials;
  • Introduction to your company;
  • Product demonstrations;
  • Video clips that illustrate or support a particular point or message; and
  • Narration or point by point presentation of written web content.

A couple of things to consider when integrating online video with your company’s website:

Prominently position online video on the site’s Home page;

  • Use strong headings;
  • A single video clip should be no more than 2 minutes;
  • Use brand elements consistent with your company’s image, such as colour, slogans, symbols, etc;
  • Grab viewers attention quickly – you only have seconds to engage them; and
  • Maintain their interest and keep them wanting more – you can lose them just as quickly as you got them.

Online video is emerging as one of the more powerful resources in the marketer’s tool kit and is set to
become the entertainment vehicle of the future.

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