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The National Broadband Network

From Brunswick to Townsville, Canberra to Perth, the Federal Government’s National Broadband Network (NBN) is rolling out across the country. The $43 billion NBN is the single largest Australian-built infrastructure project in history and is expected to provide benefits to businesses and individuals across the nation.

With reliable, ubiquitous, high-speed broadband, businesses have more to gain than connectivity. By the end of the NBN project, 90% of Australian homes, schools and workplaces are to be connected, giving businesses the opportunity to market to those who previously had no access.

The Facts:


  • At the end of December 2010, there were 10.4 million
    active internet subscribers in Australia.
  • Radio broadcasters took 38 years to reach an audience of 50 million. Television took 13 years. The internet took just four.
  • At June 2009, 41.5 per cent of Australian businesses had a web presence and 27.1 per cent of Australian businesses took orders via the internet.
  • Australians went online during the last quarter of 2009–10 to purchase a wide range of services, with travel, print and music related items being the most frequently identified purchases.


national_imgHow does it change business?

With connection to the internet, more online opportunities exist for Australian businesses to conduct practices and processes more efficiently. The web is a powerful tool as it enables you to undertake research, find information on products and services, and most importantly purchase and sell online.
Access to the internet allows businesses to improve information gathering processes, facilitate better customer service via instant feedback and provide targeted sales and marketing campaigns. Even companies that need to deliver physical products or require face-to-face contact can benefit from online connection due to up-to-the-minute inventory monitoring and advanced forecasting. Those with a physical presence can expand opening hours to 24/7 and may even reduce the need for retail/office space.

With e-Commerce and mobile Commerce availability, businesses can provide greater choice for consumers and enable them to purchase anywhere at any time. In addition, products can be easily arranged and updated; ensuring customers have access to the latest items on the market.
Businesses can keep up with customer trends via online search and monitor competitor actions to gain instant feedback. New innovations can be explored and accessed by millions of Australians.
Whether it’s active in your suburb or about to be installed, the NBN is set to provide national connectivity.

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