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The Mobile Revolution. Are you part of the Revolution?

Are you part of the Movement?

Smartphones are replacing laptops and conventional mobile phones as they offer us an all-in-one communication solution. With access to the internet, email, social networking and applications, such as banking, smartphones have changed the usage patterns of the mobile consumer. No longer are voice calls the top priority. The ability to undertake a variety of tasks is what people are searching for in a mobile device.

Leading the way

According to The Australian, Australia now has the second highest smartphone penetration in the world, coming in second only to Singapore. 37% of Australians own a smartphone device and more than 80% have been purchased in the past six months.

Search, Research and Purchase

Google statistics over the past year suggest that search on mobile devices has tripled; more than 84% of people now use their mobiles to search for goods and services in their local area to find the best deals online.
Mobile internet usage by Australians exceeds that of the PC as smartphones offer digital access wherever, whenever and however we want. Smartphones dictate our shopping experience, many consumers using them to find retailers, compare prices, read reviews, receive discounts and purchase online. Consumers are even using their mobile devices in store!
With the introduction of mobile commerce (mCommerce), Australians are using their mobiles to purchase goods at the touch of a button. Online payment systems, such as PayPal, make these buying method convenient, allowing users to shop on demand.

View Google’s Mobile Movement video on this page. Although it is an ad for its Mobile Ads, the content provides a good summary of the growth and usage of mobile.

The small screen experience

Bad navigation, slow downloads and hard to read information are the biggest challenges smartphone users face. Mobile users want information on demand. If a website is inaccessible or doesn’t fit the small screen criteria, sales will be lost.
From iPhones to Android and Blackberry devices, businesses are forced to make mobile an essential part of their marketing strategies. This continual growth means organizations will have to optimize their websites for the mobile domain, or risk being left behind.

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