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Have you got your Google Goggles on?

We’ve seen the benefits of Google Translate, Gmail and the Android phone- now it’s time to look through our Google Goggles! Google Goggles is the next definitive step in mobile phone searches; much more than the basic search.

Search by Sight

Google Goggles is the latest feature from Google Labs; the visual search application now enabling you to search by sight. Using Google’s billion image database, Google Goggles recognises the image and gains search results from the visual query. Until now, users were limited to voice or keypad web search, but with Google Goggles you can see matches to search results without typing or saying a word.

The image recognition application was originally developed for Google’s own Android mobile, but will soon be available for the iPhone and Blackberry devices.


Later this month, Google is set to launch its mobile phones worldwide. Soon available in Australia, the much-improved Android 2.2 has reformed Google Goggles applications with higher quality cameras and superior displays.

Books & Artworks

The highlight of Google Goggles is the simplistic and effective functionality. The application seems almost basic at first; take an image of a book or artwork and Google Goggles will attempt to find data about the subject online.

Places & Landmarks

But Google Goggles offers more than online visual product search. Using the application, search via image for iconic landmarks, works of art or places of interest. Take an image of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and obtain data on the famous landmark or learn more about an artist through the click of the camera. The visual search application also uses GPS to determine where one is located and the places of interest nearby, offering users a piece of augmented reality.

Business Cards & Logos

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect is Google Goggles’ text recognition capabilities. Users can take an image of a business card or logo and the application will do the rest. Relevant details such as address, telephone number and email are extracted and can be placed as a contact in the phone.

Google Goggles is more than just standard image recognition; the possibilities are practically endless. The search by sight application is currently limited to Android 1.6 or above but will soon hit Australian shores. The application extends the ability to find information on search engines, showing 21st century online users that search capabilities are changing- for simplified, fast results. Internet search has broadened its net and users are easily adapting to the technological advancements.

With this creative and efficient mobile application at our doorsteps, can you afford not to see the world through Google’s eyes?

As the leader in digital marketing, Exa understands the power mobile marketing holds and its ability to guarantee that communications are seen and heard by target audiences. Exa can create a mobile marketing solution that, like the web, is designed for maximum attention and conversion.

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