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A brief history of the Internet

How can Exa help my business?


We can create an effective and fully customised web solution package that addresses your individual online needs. Be it through SEO or eCommerce, there are numerous elements that can formulate a successful online marketing strategy. To make your business website a scalable marketing resource, our expert consultants determine the best and cost-effective way to ensure your online marketing potential is maximised.


What services do you offer?


Exa has a wide-ranging array of web based products and services which are aimed to make the most of your business’s online potential. As part of this we offer, quality web design and development and SEO techniques. We can also create a suitable web package that includes email marketing, eCommerce, mobile marketing, online video, and internet security.


What is SEO and why is it important?


Expert Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques such as those developed by Exa will help your website be easily found and get it on the first page of leading search engines. This is largely done by the correct use of keywords in your site’s text. The keywords are based on online market research and our use of WebMagnet.


What is WebMagnet?


WebMagnet, is Exa’s patented solution for SEO purposes that ensures that your website achieves maximum rankings with top search engines such as Google. This will deliver traffic to your website and build up your business’s profile.


I already have a website, can you revamp it?


Yes and if your site is currently lackluster then this is imperative. Your website is now your most valuable marketing asset and it needs to be fresh, competitive, inviting and functional. A minor investment in improving your website will ensure that it contributes to your business as it should.


I want to branch out to users of mobile phones, how can you help?


Mobile phone use – especially smart phones – is only increasing. In Australia there are currently more than 13 million people with phones that have internet connectivity. In assisting you reach potential customers Exa can assist with all of your mobile marketing needs by creating mobile media solutions, integrated mobile marketing campaigns, mobile-site design and development, mobile database optimisation and MMS marketing plus brand communications.


Does Exa provide IT support and information security?


An Exa website package includes IT support and information security so to make sure that your site is functional, secure and accomplishes the best online marketing results possible. Exa makes use of the latest technology when we design websites for our clients. We also do continual site monitoring to detect any hacking attempts and to eradicate and mend faults.


How much work is involved in making a website for a business?


This a super broad question but at a minimum an amateur website can be built for very little cost or time but whether it will do what you want it to or be an asset to your business is another thing. To build a functional, competitive, modern and attractive website requires time, expertise, materials and effort. At Exa we have teams consisting of production managers, copywriters, web designers and developers, plus backup staff who contribute to a website’s development.


Do you have any testimonials about your work that I can see?


Yes we do and you can see them on our site. Here you’ll witness how our clients – be they small, medium or large companies – have improved their businesses through Exa’s web based products and services.


Can I speak with anyone to learn how Exa can assist with my online requirements?


You sure can, just call us on 1800 09 69 69 or contact us online and we will gladly help you with your enquiries.

If you require more information, please click here to notify one of our team members.

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