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Web Programmers are highly skilled, university qualified professionals. Most universities offer diploma level qualifications or bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Technology, a course underpinning the knowledge required by Web Programmers. Most Web Programmers undertake this course or some equivalent, undergoing several years of training to become proficient. Web Programmers learn the principles of Web Application and Internet Technology through to the application of scripting languages and server side processing. Scripting languages used by Web Programmers include HTML, Action Script, PHP, .Net, ASP.Net, Flash Macromedia, Java Script and MySQL. Study undertaken by Web Programmers also encompasses the fundamentals of business with subjects in e-Commerce and Macro-economics.

Website Development incorporates multiple disciplines, including Web Programming, Information Systems, Web Design, Information Technology and Marketing Communications. In the earliest years of the internet, all components of Web Development were managed by one multi-skilled individual that acted as Web Designers, Web Programmers and Server Technicians. Today, however, the development of a website involves the collaboration of several specialised individuals with distinct skills, functions and responsibilities. In order to facilitate collaboration Web Development is often overseen by a Web Master or Project Manager who interfaces between the different parties. It is the job of Web Programmers to write scripted code, enter invisible functions and logically organise source code in the back-end of the website.

Exa incorporates a team of well qualified and experienced Web Programmers. As Australia's Number 1 Web Solutions Company, Exa's Web Programmers posses a high level of proficiency in all aspects of Web Programming. Our Web Programmers possess capabilities that go over and above the minimum standards expected by our industry. These capabilities include:

Knowledge: Exa's Web Programmers possess the highest degree of knowledge and have undergone further training beyond their initial qualification.

Critical Analysis: Exa's Web Programmers have the ability to analyse project guidelines and the requirements set by the client.

Problem Solving: Exa's Web Programmers can overcome problems and constraints that arise due to the parameters and limitations of project specifications.

Delivering Solutions: Exa's Web Programmers are capable of delivering an appropriate solution that is based on project specifications, analysis and modeling.

Exa is the industry expert in all functions of Web Development, including Web Programming. Ensure the company you partner with for your Web Development has the best team of Web Programmers in the industry. Partner with Exa. Contact us.

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