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The internet has provided the facilities for businesses to break through geographical boundaries and reach cross boarder markets, and has given companies the tools to expand and diversify in an increasingly global market. More businesses are also serving changing domestic markets, which are characterised by greater ethnicity, as a result of increasing multiculturalism in Australia. These factors have introduced the need for more businesses to cater to non-English speaking customers.

Nowadays, to compete in both domestic and international markets, companies require the flexibility to serve people of a variety of nationalities. Exa's multilingual websites are ideal for such businesses.

Exa develops web solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of its clients' businesses, including multilingual websites. We have many clients that require a web solution that is flexible enough to deliver information in multiple languages.

Neo.org is a social networking platform. This multilingual website aims to promote global citizenship as the idea that all people, regardless of nationality, race or culture, are connected and depend on each other for the ongoing survival of humanity. The Neo.org website offers people around the world an opportunity to take part in transforming global issues. Members can create a 'Personal Declaration of Global Citizenship & Integrity' and vote on 'Declarations of Action' to influence political processes and raise funding for non-profit causes. To meet its primary objective Neo.org needed to reach a diverse, boundary spanning audience and translate into a variety of languages, and thus commissioned Exa to develop a customised multilingual website solution.

Language conversion on multilingual websites is achieved via the implementation of specialised programs designed specifically for the purpose of translating the site's existing content. A reasonably new solution, multilingual websites only started to emerge in 2008, thanks to the introduction of Google Translator. Since then, cutting edge web companies have been developing the capabilities required to implement language translation to produce multilingual websites.

These language translation services have eliminated the need for expensive linguists and copywriters to translate web content for separate web pages. Multilingual websites are a cheap and effective way to make your most important communication tool, your website, effectively meet the needs of complex markets.

Exa's multilingual websites can translate web content in up to 40 different languages. Whether you need your website to translate into all available languages or a select few, Exa's multilingual websites can be customised to fit the specific needs of your business and its markets.

Approximately 38% of internet users browse for sites in English. While it is the world's most dominant language in terms of usage, this is not reflected in the behaviour of internet users. The dynamic nature of the web means strong demand for multilingual websites. Most large multinational companies now have multilingual websites, trading in their links to alternate web pages for convenient content translation.

For more information about Exa's multilingual websites, or to speak to a consultant regarding your online marketing needs, contact Exa today.

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