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Apple's most recent innovation, the iPhone 3G, has created a new platform for marketers to connect with consumers. The iPhone has broadened the possibilities for Web Marketing by providing iPhone users with a portable internet connection and mini web browser that is user friendly and convenient. Like any web browser, iPhone provides its users with access to the virtually unlimited possibilities of the internet, but with, however, some fundamental differences.

The iPhone is not the first innovation in this type of mobile technology. Other mobile phones also offer a range of services that go beyond basic telecommunications. PDA's, Personal Digital Assistants, were the first developments in mobile interconnectivity, turning mobile phones into palm sized, personal computers and digital organisers. Blackberry also broke new ground by providing users convenient access to their email via their mobile phone. Advancements in mobile technology have been assisting to organise the lives of busy people for a number of years now, and many different models of mobile phones have had a web browser and internet connectivity, just like the iPhone. The difference is the superior technology of the iPhone that has eliminated many of the issues that frustrated users of its predecessors, making it far more functional, usable, simple and uncomplicated. Also, the iPhone has many new enhancements that allow users access to a far greater range of services and applications, and is capable of receiving HTML emails.

For companies looking to take advantage of the new marketing opportunities created by iPhone, it is worthwhile considering iPhone development. There are two options for iPhone mobile marketing.
  1. iPhone users can enter a company's web address into their iPhone browser and, providing the website is iPhone compatible, it will be displayed on their screen. Companies are developing 'mini' versions of their website, known as web applications, specifically for compatibility with the iPhone. This is necessary due to the comparison in size of the iPhone screen to a PC screen, and the Safari Mobile technology that loads the website in the browser of the iPhone. When entering a URL into the browser of an iPhone, Safari Mobile enables iPhone compatible web applications to be displayed instead of regular websites. Therefore, different methods are required for developing web applications. iPhone development offers a very broad range of innovations and possibilities.

  2. Companies can submit applications across a range of iPhone categories, such as finance, business tools, games, news, sport, weather, lifestyle, travel, education, and more. These applications are uniquely developed by the company or individual. Once submitted to Apple, the application is availed to iPhone users for purchase and download. The applications are stand-alone enhancements to increase the functionality of the iPhone.
Within a few days of the launch of Apple's iPhone 3G, over 1 million units were sold worldwide. A recent study by research group IDC predicts that by 2012, there will be 1.3 million iPhones in use in Australia. Globally, mobile advertising is expected to grow from $1billion in 2008 to $2.4billion in 2009 (eMarketer.com). These statistics indicate the importance of iPhone mobile marketing from here forward.

iPhone enables its users to neatly access information and services at their convenience. iPhone specific web applications have the potential to give businesses the edge via enhanced customer service and greater access to their target market.

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