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Any business small or large always strives to offer their target market with quick, easy and convenient service. And with many businesses across Australia going digital, having a core business web application is a must. HTML5 is changing the way businesses perceive their browsers. HTML5 with its innovative features helps you create astounding web apps and websites having amazing functionality and performance. It has some amazing features like web sockets, offline storage and rich user interface. Therefore for businesses seeking to create core web applications in the simplest, flexible, secure and cost-effective way, what better than HTML5.

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Why choose HTML5?

Due to the many hassles faced while installing an app, many businesses lose their potential clients. HTML5 is the best solution to avoid a scenario as such. It lets users easily install apps across multiple devices and run a new app with an instant click on a link or an icon. Have your users' data and tools follow them everywhere without causing them the trouble of downloading the latest updates and right versions. With HTML5 break the boundaries of specific device usage and connect with them freely across multiple platforms.

In order to reach out to millions of users hassle free, why not use HTML5.

The benefits of HTML5 include:
  • Faster and stronger performance: enables your web apps to be more approachable, encouraging better user interaction and experience
  • Broader reach: it can be deployed across multiple platforms and a wide range of mobile devices, thus enabling you to reach out to a broader audience
  • Offline: Even when you don't have an internet connection, with client-side databases you can store data and stay productive all time, every time
  • Improved graphics: Full-fledged platform for creating high quality multimedia and graphics
  • Security: It's essential feature of secure web sockets enables you to have a high network throughput on a secure channel
  • Lower cost and easier maintenance: It's exciting line of features make it easier for you to create a great web app at a lower cost and helps in improving productivity

Many leading companies are moving to HTML5, what about you.

How Exa can help?

Exa recognises the need of businesses seeking to reach a broader audience effectively, therefore we create customised apps using HTML5 helping you to efficiently display your latest innovative work to all your users simultaneously. HMTL5 is a collection of features, technologies, and new APIs, by using the technology we help you create vibrant applications, which were before created solely for desktop platforms.

By using HTML5, your web apps can run high-performance multimedia and graphics, store a large amount of data of the client, work offline, perform faster calculations, and improve interactivity levels. Exa guarantees to assist you in delivering innovative experiences to your users over the web.

With HTML5, technological leaders like Google, Mozilla, Adobe, and many more are pushing the boundaries of browser capabilities, could you be next?

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