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Email Marketing Campaigns

Exa can help you with all your Email Marketing Campaigns, including database management through to template development and content creation. Exa's proven Email Marketing Campaigns system is the answer to your business' Email Marketing Campaigns needs.

Businesses can use Email Marketing Campaigns to send news updates, product updates, event invitations, query responses and more. Virtually any form of communication conceivable can be distributed via Email Marketing Campaigns. Another technique to enhance the penetration of your Email Marketing Campaigns involves including your Email Marketing Campaigns link in other companies' emails and websites much like the method used in Affiliate Marketing. A combination of Email Marketing Campaigns methods, as described above, would be complimentary to one another and increase the potential of achieving your Email Marketing Campaigns goals.

Email Marketing Campaigns is just another effective form of Online Marketing. Research shows that half of all internet users check their emails on a daily basis. In fact, as of December 2007, approximately 7.5 million Australians check email daily. Email Marketing Campaigns therefore achieves high penetration and allows businesses to effectively access their target market.

A well executed Email Marketing Campaigns is not only informative for consumers, but can bring great profit results for your business. Whether your Email Marketing Campaigns effort aims to encourage sales via product promotion, inform customers, invite consumers to events or simply follow up customer service enquiries, Email Marketing Campaigns is a highly efficient and effective way to meet these needs.

The benefits of Email Marketing Campaigns include:
  1. Speed: Email Marketing Campaigns are delivered straight to the recipients' inboxes, instantly
  2. Reach and Penetration: Email Marketing Campaigns overcome geographical parameters that exist with other communication methods
  3. Ease and Efficiency: Email Marketing Campaigns can be distributed to multiple recipients at the click of the mouse
  4. Low Cost: Email Marketing Campaigns require minimal investment to set up an appropriate technical system, after which, running costs are negligible
  5. Targeted: Email Marketing Campaigns allow you to appropriately define specific recipient groups
An Email Marketing Campaigns statistics are easy to attain. Read and click-through rates can be comprehensively analysed. Click-throughs from email to website can then be monitored to further measure the actions of email recipients. Analysis of data means an Email Marketing Campaigns success can easily be monitored and tracked, hence providing a highly measurable ROI.

Contact us to discuss how Exa's Email Marketing Campaigns services can compliment your Online Marketing goals.

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