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Search Engine Optimisation

To promote your business to an evolving, engaged audience, effective Online Marketing is of the greatest importance. Exa, Australia’s leading Web Development , e-Marketing and SEO Company can help. In business since 2000, Exa has been utilising its patented Search Engine Optimisation technology – WebMagnet’s ™ to generate greater Google rankings, increased traffic and growth in revenue for over 1000 organisations.

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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving a website’s rankings in organic search results for the purpose of increasing its traffic and generating quality, targeted visitors. Organic search results are those that are naturally determined by the search engine itself to be the most relevant and pertinent to the keywords entered by the search engine user. Search Engine Optimisation is important because the higher a website is presented in search results the more likely it is that the search engine user will visit it. Therefore Search Engine Optimisation is a critical component of your overall marketing strategy and an SEO Company can help.

Search Engine Optimisation involves a combination of coding, linkages, structure, design, content and presentation and is a highly specialised field. For this reason Search Engine Optimisation is best performed by a professional SEO Company.

How can SEO help your business?

Via effective SEO, your businesses can attain top rankings in Google and other leading search engines. As an SEO Company committed to delivering tangible results, Exa puts you ahead of your competitors for your industry’s most competitive and pertinent keywords and search terms. By ranking in the first few organic search results for your key industry search terms, your business is automatically granted a greater degree of credibility and perceived as a market leader within your field.

As an experienced, proven SEO Company, Exa’s Search Engine Optimisation Results speak for themselves.

Advantages of Search Engine Optimisation include:
  • low cost
  • global reach
  • fast response and turnaround time
  • quality sales leads
  • increased enquiries and conversions
  • measurable results
  • increased profit
  • revenue growth
  • high return on investments

Exa’s Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation is a science. It depends heavily on advanced technical knowledge and methods. As with other sciences, Search Engine Optimisation relies on a logical, self-consistent process and framework. Because it’s a new science, it continues to improve over time. Advancements in technology are rapid and an SEO Company must keep abreast of new research and development in processes at all times. At Exa, we make it our commitment to do just that, and our SEO results are second to none.

All elements necessary for an effective Search Engine Optimisation solution are incorporated to achieve high organic rankings in Google and other search engines. This in turn provides strong target market penetration and high customer acquisition. With WebMagnet’s ™ and Exa’s SEO Company at the centre of your Search Engine Optimisation strategy, your website will attain top rankings in search results and generate maximum quality traffic.

WebMagnet™, Exa’s Patented Search Engine Optimisation formula, focuses on specialised Web Development techniques. By achieving top rankings, your website is seen repeatedly by more of your targeted audience and attracts quality new leads to your business. Most importantly, WebMagnet™ provides measurable results. Incorporating coding, linkages, structure, design, content, presentation and more, Exa’s SEO strategy delivers superior results and high return on investment.

Exa’s Search Engine Optimisation Results

The major reason for Exa’s continued Search Engine Optimisation success lies in our expertise in carrying out extensive keyword research. Not only do we know what to look for, but we also have the ability to find it. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the analysis we carry out is put to the best possible use on their websites.

Effective and proper Search Engine Optimisation requires expertise, something that can only be provided by a developed company with the right resources and systems. Many companies and organisations have fallen into the trap of trusting a less experienced SEO Company, only to find that it has not been money well spent with unsatisfactory end results. Exa’s Search Engine Optimisation Results have been proven time and time again – see our client testimonials.

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