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Guardian Vaults - Testimonial

Guardian Vaults

We've been with Exa now for nearly two years and prior to being with Exa we were not getting the optimisation that we required for our business. In the two years that we have been with Exa, it's been a marked improvement. I went for experience, knowledge and professionalism and I found them all within Exa and their web solutions and the proven results have been fantastic. The team at Exa have been delightful to work with; they've always been there, they've always been supportive and I can guarantee you that they will always assist you in the needs for your particular business. After I did my homework I found that Exa had the proven results for me to move forward with a solid and competent company. After a very short time with Exa we are number one, page one and we outrank our competitors everywhere. I didn't think the WebMagnet would work as quickly as it did, but certainly that has proven to be an exceptional part of our business driving more enquiries, which in turn, has increased sales for our business. The search engine traffic increased fivefold and that the unique traffic to the website quadrupled within the first year using WebMagnet. Our main competitors are the banks so it was important for us to gain that edge. Exa solutions gave us increased sales in excess of 54% and it meant that I didn't have to advertise in the yellow pages, in print or on radio; and is a fantastic result for my business using the web. I would recommend Exa to anyone as they understand what your needs are, their professionalism, their follow-up and their dedication and love for the work that they do enables you to get the results you want.
Jenny Tremaine | Guardian Vaults