Exa Newletter, Summer 09 Edition

Google Page Rank

In determining how Google friendly your website is, consider its Google Page Rank. Page Rank is the rating that Google gives a website to indicate its value and level of importance. Page Rank, given as a number from one to ten with ten being the highest, is then used to determine the relevance of an individual page to a search enquiry. The higher the Page Rank, the higher the website’s position in search results.

According to Google’s Matt Cutts, Google is constantly updating its systems. Last year alone, Google made 450 tweaks to its algorithm. The company invests heavily in R&D and aims to continuously improve its service.

Exa’s website has a Google Page Rank of 6. This outranks many of the World’s largest brands including Vegemite (PR5), Kleenex (PR3), Maybelline (PR5), Kelloggs (PR5), BMW (PR3), Kodak (PR4), Sportsgirl (PR4) and Jim Beam (PR5), just to name a few. Google also rates Exa as having the same level of importance as power brands such as Coca-Cola, Coles, McDonald’s, Arnott’s, MLC, Sony, Cadbury, HP, Ford, and more, all with a Page Rank of 6. In addition to the benefits this high Google Page Rank provides Exa, it also makes a major difference to the websites and businesses of our clients.

A website’s Google PageRank measures how effectively it is meeting its SEO objectives. To view your Google Page Rank, go to ‘toolbar.google.com’ and download the Google tool bar.

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