Exa News Update - February 2011

Online Trends for 2011

Just as you think you’re up to date with the latest online trends, it’s another year and suddenly you’re behind. Changes in eCommerce, SEO, social media and mobile communication are frequent and your business has to be equipped and ready to adapt.

Constant Change:
The only thing that remained the same for search engines in 2010 was change. The number of times Google changed their methods was mind-boggling. These frequent changes and updates to search will no doubt continue in 2011 as the search engine giant continues to lead the way.

Web Sales:
Physical retailers found it tough over the last year trying to stand out from the crowd. Although some offered discounts, gift-wrapping and other promotions, they need to do more to make sales in 2011. If you want to keep dollars onshore, use your company website and offer creative promotions that make customers want to come back.


Social Media:
If your business isn’t social yet, now is the time to start. There’s no doubt last year was the social media boom and it looks like the trend isn’t going to end soon. Facebook was both the most visited website in 2010 as well as the most searched term in 2010 according to Experian’s Hitwise Report. The use is set to increase; Emarketer also predicting that four out of five businesses in the US with 100 plus employees will use social media for marketing purposes.

Location Based Marketing:
Last year Foursquare, Gowalla and other social media check-ins were the rage and the desire to let everyone know of your whereabouts is still steadily increasing. Businesses are just beginning to tap into the benefits of their physical location with this specific geographic marketing.

Content is King:
Some good news for writers in 2011. Search Engines want content; and lots of it. Websites need fresh, new and interesting content more than ever to stay relevant in the competitive online world. Your website needs to have text to distinguish you from the crowd and represent your business as a true expert in the field.

 Video Testimonial from Resource Ed Personnel

Straight website content isn't enough when it comes to keeping your customers interested. Users want quality information and content that allows them to connect with your business. The need for industry specific information is continually increasing.

Online Video:
While text and imagery grab your attention first hand, web users now want video to match. Many businesses have turned to YouTube; creating their own channels to promote products and services. With more than 700 billion YouTube views in 2010, now is the time to showcase your business online.

Constant Connection:
With mobile communication and wireless connectivity on a range of devices, we’re moving toward a future where almost everyone is in touch with each other all of the time. Skype said it had 25 million users last year and with iPhones, Macbooks and PC tablets enabling constant connectivity, business and personal communication will be continuous.

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