Exa News Update August 2011

iPhone 5


Be it for business or personal use, Apple's iPhone is unstoppable. The next-generation iPhone (the iPhone 5) was rumoured to start production in late July/August but tech-savvy Australians may have to wait until September for purchase.

To ease the prospective long wait, we've dug up the rumours from around the world to give you an insight to the latest device.

Breaking away from Tradition?

With talk of a new iPhone comes talk of innovative designs; many questioning as to whether Apple will break the mould. Boy Genius Report claims the iPhone 5 will be a radical departure from the previous model, with an entirely new case design.

But a new iPhone doesn't necessarily mean a new look; some tech sites reporting only slight design changes. According to Mashable, you can expect something that looks similar to the iPhone 4 but runs faster thanks to the Apple A5 processor. The processer is said to make the iPhone 5 almost twice as fast as the 4, while still maintaining great battery life.

Screen Size Growth?

Like most competitor Android devices, the iPhone 5 is rumoured to have a bigger, edge-to-edge screen at 4-inches. The 4-inch screen is a trend in the Smartphone market and many believe Apple will make the switch.

More Features?

Apple told the world of their operating system (OS 5) on June 6th and enthusiasts weren't all satisfied. They believe the company could include third-party widgets, voice control and FaceTime to the OS 5 release in September; coinciding with the iPhone 5 announcement.

Advanced Camera?

The iPhone 5 could have a camera between 8 megapixels and 12 megapixels; perfect for shooting 1080p HD video. This suggested change is said to compete with the Android market as many devices already include an 8 megapixel camera. Another prospective improvement is a dual LED flash for better lighting when shooting videos and photos.

More Storage?

If 16GB is no longer sufficient, perhaps the suspected 64GB iPhone 5 will cater to your needs. Supposedly, the latest version will be available in both 32BG and 64GB, with the lower models available for discounted prices.

Voice control?

It's known that Nuance has recently partnered with Apple, but there is also a good chance this partnership will enable full voice control. That means you'll be able to dictate e-mails and text messages, similar to many Android models.


Many sources have said the new iPhone will look much like its predecessor and the release date will more than likely coincide with the release of Apple's OS5, but it is only Steve Jobs who knows what's coming next.

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