Exa News Update, April 2011
WHAT A CRACKER OF AN APP! Download Farm Pride's FREE Egg Timer iPhone App developed by Exa


What a Cracker of an App!

Are you tired of guessing how long to boil your eggs? Frustrated when they don't turn out right? Can't find an egg timer that works to perfection? Then look no further.

Exa has developed an Egg Timer iPhone App for Farm Pride that takes the guess work out of the equation. Not only is the app free from the Apple iTunes store, this handy tool is useful for men, women and children of all ages.

Boiling to Perfection

We all know the basic principles of boiling an egg, but the timing is where most of us get it wrong. Farm Pride's Egg Timer app gives you a step-by-step guide for boiling large, extra-large and jumbo eggs and times it to perfection.

With numbered instructions and pop-up prompts, you no longer have to guess the right time to place and remove. You select the size of your egg (large, extra-large or jumbo) and choose from soft boiled, medium boiled, or hard boiled options - the app will take it from here.

Sound is paramount to this handy app as the alarm will ring when your eggs are cooked to your liking. The clever Egg Timer will even prompt you to turn the sound on if your iPhone is on silent.

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Once your eggs are cooked, you can click to the Farm Pride website and browse the wide range of recipes at your convenience. Chances are if you're connected to the web, you'll be on Facebook too. There's also the option to check out Cracka the Farm Pride Egg on his Facebook page.

A Food Classic

Whether you're young or old, boiled eggs are an affordable food favourite. Farm Pride has been supplying Australian families with quality fresh eggs for over 70 years, so why not let them help you cook your eggs to perfection too?

You can download the app for FREE from the Apple iTunes Store. Simply type "Egg Timer" or "Farm Pride" and obtain instant results. Click here to learn more about the Egg Timer app today.

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